BlackNGreen launches Islamic Mobile App – IBADAT

BlackNGreen-LogoChennai, India, April 11,2014: BlackNGreen, globally renowned for its VAS innovationin over 50 countries, has launched an all new Islamic Mobile Application – ‘Ibadat’. One of the most comprehensive Islamic applications in the market, it is visually stunning and very easy to use. It has every attribute that a follower of Islam would need in order to be spiritually connected to his religion in day to day life.

Director of BlackNGreen Rahul Gupta said “Everybody wants to stay in touch with their religion but the constraints of everyday life keeps one away from it. This application is a sincere effort to empower a devout Muslim’s inclination towards his religion by enabling him withaccess to his religion over a smart phone. At the same time, we wanted to make sure that we were offering the most technologically superior application that is available in the markets.” 

Users can listen to the Holy Quran with a host of special features and vibrant visuals.Prayer Alerts, Live Prayer Relay from Mecca, Prayer Compass, Virtual Tasbih and a collection of Islamic Wallpapers will help users connect with the merciful and always stay in touch with their spiritual side.

Speaking about the launch, Rahul went on to throw light on the special features of the app.

The progressive text feature allows the user to read along when the Quran is being read out over the application. The mapping of words to audio was a major breakthrough as it would now allow everyone to read the Quran irrespective of whether they can read Arabic or not. They can just follow the audio mapped to the text and read the Quran.

The company have developed an all new adaptive streaming and caching technology that allows users to enjoy a great app experience even on networks that do not support high speed data. This will ensure that people across the globe can experience the app the way it should be irrespective of their data speeds.

The prayer alert feature would automatically play out an Azan to remind the user of his prayer times. This happens automatically based on the user’s location with no manual inputs needed to set the local time. This is good news for travelers as the app would automatically set the prayer timings based on location. The prayer compass too is a handy tool while traveling as it lets the user know which direction to offer his prayers in.

“We have already seen the impact of our IVR based Islamic Portal across the world that has over 18 million users. We are now taking our next big leap by taking this experience to smartphone users globally. It would give us immense pleasure to touch the lives of millions across the world and offer them a platform to stay connected to Islam wherever they are. This is the reason we are offering this application absolutely freeof costto start with.” Rahul said. 

Ibadat is the most comprehensive Islamic Application that is available in the market today with a very elegant design that is extremely easy to use. This is what sets the application apart and would in turn pave way for a revolution in the Religious App space. The application is currently available for iOS and Android users. A Java version of this application would be rolled out soon. Users can download this application from or from Apple App Store/Google Play.

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