BenQ rolls out its sports projector ‘TK800’

BenQ has unveiled its new Home Entertainment TK800 DLP sports projector in a new avatar, 4K quality big-screen experience with a live sports match program in a 4K quality. BenQ TK800 with its unique “Sport mode” “Football mode” and high brightness of 3000AL, is ideal for a better image and stadium-like experience. The TK800 is now available at Rs. 1.99 lacs.


Featuring true 4K, 3,840 x 2,160 UHD resolution with 8.3-million distinct pixels, the TK800 produces stunningly lifelike realism utilizing projector-optimised HDR to enhance brightness and contrast range with one-step image optimization and automatic HDR natural colour rendition. TK800 comes with an industry leading lamp life of upto15000 hours, a first time ever in any Home entertainment Projector. It is also supported by a 2 years onsite warranty across India for a complete peace of mind.

In order to fully capture the excitement and thrills of watching a live sporting event, the TK800 offers dedicated Football and Sport audiovisual modes to deliver an experience as if viewers were spectating in person. Football Mode preserves natural skin tones, intensifies the vibrant colours of the lush green grass on the pitch while simultaneously enhancing the clarity of the announcer’s commentary over the loud background noise of a cheering crowd in an open-air stadium. Sport Mode is ideal for indoor sports and prioritizes realistic skin tones, enhancing wood tones as well as offering vivid reds combined with balanced green and blues. The acoustic clarity of a sports commentator’s voice and other subtle details such as squeaking sneakers, referee whistles, and ice scraping under skates are retained and enhanced.

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ India, said, “Watching a sports match in 4K visuals with HDR with high resolution is a dream for any sports fanatic. With sports fever on rise currently, BenQ is ecstatic to bring 4K quality visuals with HDR, high brightness, and vivid colour to immerse gathered friends and family in the global spectacle with TK800. By giving first-hand experience our users is what makes the brand what it is today.”

BenQ has organized a live match viewing experience on the new TK800. This screening aimed at celebrating the FIFA fever around the world, and giving sports enthusiast a breath-taking picture quality, custom-tailored sports mode, with an easy setup flexibility and modern style. The new 4K sports projector was put to test with a live match screening of FIFA match between Costa Rica & Brazil as the new TK800 can provide quality image because of the 4K upscaling function converting 1080p resolution into a 4K quality experience. News Service

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