Avaya announced the availability of Google Cloud Contact Center AI Capabilities with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS in India

Avaya announced availability of Google Cloud Contact Center AI Capabilities with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS in India. Avaya said that Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) capabilities integrated with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS solutions are now available for Indian customers. The powerful combination of Avaya AI conversation services and Google CCAI will provide a better experience for clients by seamlessly blending automated and assisted experiences throughout a customer’s interaction with the contact center.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS is powering organizations’ customer experience centers by providing customer and workforce engagement solutions to connect and orchestrate all the touchpoints across the customer journey–including voice, video, chat, messaging, and social–while leveraging the power of AI, insights, knowledge and resources from across the organization. This enables users to deliver not only the right customer experience but also the right employee experience for those supporting the customer journeys.

Speaking about the partnership, Vishal Agrawal, Managing Director – India & SAARC, Avaya, said, “With this partnership, we are extending our leadership in leveraging AI to enhance customer experiences with more personalized, intelligent and insightful interactions. And we’re offering businesses an easy way to integrate AI capabilities into their customer journeys, regardless of touchpoint.”

Key features available now through the integration of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and Google Cloud CCAI include:

  • Virtual Agents – Human-like automated bots which seamlessly interact with customers, offloading the live agents’ utilization until the optimal time and then transferring all context gathered to the agent. Avaya captures the intent, actions and ultimate disposition of each interaction in real-time, to decide the best path in future customer engagement. Virtual agent capabilities are enabled through integration of Google CCAI with Avaya Experience Portal. While virtual bots are ubiquitous, they lack essential capabilities for effectively interacting with customers. Avaya integrated with Google CCAI has evolved virtual bots into virtual agents, with more human-like, intelligent responsiveness.
  • Agent Assist – Avaya AI algorithms can be applied to Google CCAI to determine the next best action by the agent, delivering the right information and enhancing the customer experience – while increasing agent satisfaction and contact center efficiency.
  • Conversational Topic Modeling – Google Topic Modeling combined with Avaya AI enables agents to leverage real-time visibility of topics with each conversation turn. Through this valuable insight, recommended responses and best actions can be uniquely tailored to drive desired outcomes.

Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, Google Cloud India, added, “The pandemic has not only accelerated adoption of Cloud technologies for businesses to stay resilient, but it has also pushed collaboration and communication brands to look at innovative ways to harmoniously blend virtual and human agents to increase customer satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency.”

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