Asia Powercom launches USB powered portable speaker – PowerSound 450

Asia-Powercom-PowerSound-450Mumbai, India, July 21, 2014: Asia Powercom, today announced their entry into the audio range of products with the launch of their first USB powered portable speaker – PowerSound 450. These 2.0 mini stereo powered speakers provide incredible sound in any environment.

PowerSound 450 is an ultra-portable mini speaker draws power through a USB port from a desktop/notebook and helps in not limiting one to the power adapters anymore.  It is an ultra-portable audio device with a dual-channel stereo and full range enhanced speaker.

Director at Asia Powercom Tejas Sheth said, “With the successful acceptance of peripherals range, AsiaPower, a brand known to bring in reliable and value added products, goes a step ahead with its latest addition, USB-portable speaker. AsiaPower has been meeting the needs of customers and partners who demand for value for money products. PowerSound 450 attracts customers of all age group with its delightful looks, feature-rich and compact design. Since these speakers draw power from the PC/notebooks through USB port one can get rid of the power adapters. These speakers are ideal asset for existing PC/notebooks to create a musical zone with best quality audio.” 

Price, Warranty and Availability

PowerSound 450 comes with the MRP of Rs. 599/- and the product is available ex-stock with Asia Powercom carrying a warranty of 1 years.

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