Apical launches AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad from Akitio for Windows and Mac users

AKiTiO-Thunder2-PCIe-Expansion-BoxMumbai, India, July 16, 2014: Apical, distributor for solution based product line, today announced the launch of AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad from Akitio for Windows and Mac users.

The portable Thunderbolt 2 PCIe expansion box provides an additional PCIe slot for systems that do not support or have enough available space for expansion cards. The external Thunderbolt 2 connection allows users to daisy-chain up to 5 additional Thunderbolt devices, making this the ideal plug and play companion. Replacing the card is a simple matter of removing three hand tightening screws, so no tools are required.

Thunderbolt 2 technology incorporates DisplayPort 1.2 support, which allows for video streaming to a single 4K video monitor.  Video editors can now use a single port to connect external Thunderbolt devices and a 4K display. The PCIe (x16) slot accepts half-length, full-height, double-width cards and provides a maximum of 25W. Replacing the card can be done without tools, simply by removing two hand tightening screws for the chassis and one for the card. The second Thunderbolt 2 port lets to daisy-chain five Thunderbolt devices together.

Price, warranty and availability

AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Expansion Box comes with the MRP of Rs. 69,000/- and available by end of July with Apical carrying 1 year warranty.

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