“AnyDesk itself is secure, trusted, and used by millions of people including 25,000 companies in 173 countries” – By, Mr. Giovanni Castellini, Vice President, Marketing, AnyDesk

  1. AnyDesk-Giovanni-CastelliniAnyDesk has been around for almost six years now. What has been AnyDesk’s journey in terms of market response, user adoption, and technological competitiveness?

The AnyDesk journey to date has been nothing short of phenomenal. The market was ready, our technology was ready, and our team was ready. As a result, response to the AnyDesk product and model and its impact on the industry has been profound. Last year we reached 145 million downloads worldwide. In addition, we see over 5 million new users every month. AnyDesk entered the market with a superior, affordable product and is quickly becoming the number one remote access solution of choice.

By way of example, AnyDesk’s version 5.0, released a few months ago—at no additional cost to our users—introduced a host of innovations. Our users can now access a series of new features and upgrades including a new user interface that makes working with the application even easier and more intuitive. It’s important to note that Version 5.0 also updates AnyDesk’s licensing policy, so that every business can choose a plan that best meets their needs. With this most recent release, we have further strengthened our position in the market as the lightest, fastest, and most affordable remote desktop solution available offering customers an even smoother and more effective user experience.

  1.  With more industries open to accepting new working styles like remote work, work from home, and collaborative working, what’s the growth opportunity for AnyDesk in markets like India and others? Is there any difference in the way AnyDesk is being used in different markets?

India is an important market for us as it is an integral part of our growth story. Already we have more than 2.5 million active users each month in India. As India—and the world—embrace a broad range of work styles, our opportunities grow exponentially. Remote work is here to stay and the number of workers doing business from their location of choice continues to rise. Studies show that these workers are, in fact, more productive and, just as importantly, this trend is able to reduce the environmental footprint. At AnyDesk we think both of these factors are big wins. As the world of business shifts, AnyDesk is the ideal tool for supporting new work models, whether in India or anywhere else in the world.

  1. Digital Security today is of great importance. How does AnyDesk address this?

AnyDesk itself is secure, trusted, and used by millions of people including 25,000 companies in 173 countries. Security was central to its development and a major factor in its rapid rise in usage. AnyDesk uses banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology to protect users’ computers, as well as RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection. IT experts know they can rely on the safety of AnyDesk to work on devices without being on-site.

There is, however, a second, critical line of defense against cybercrime: the educated user. Unfortunately, online fraud is all too common. Fraudsters prey on users’ trust and convince them to share their access codes. Users need to be just as vigilant to protect sensitive information as they would personal possessions. When ask to share information, it must become second nature to users to understand and verify who is requesting information and how to share codes safely.

  1. What have been some of the challenges you have faced?

At the time AnyDesk came on the world scene, remote access was already an exceptionally competitive and dynamic market. That means it was an uphill challenge from the start. The simple truth is that AnyDesk had a next-level product and a customer-centric approach that provided a superior user experience. That led to viral recommendations and organic growth. Basically, we were able to jump in and catch up to our biggest competitors in terms of awareness in just five years. It was a phenomenal achievement. Our early challenges have made us more resilient and continue to inspire us to find new ways to help users succeed.

  1. What are your plans for the next three- to five years?

The process of analyzing user needs and improving software is never-ending. We look forward to releasing new features and products that we know will further enhance the customer experience. As a company, our goal must be to put what we do into more hands. That means growing our global customer base and improving market penetration around the world.

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