Antec Presents NEW Signature Series at COMPUTEX 2015

Antec-NEW-Signature-SeriesFremont, California, June 2, 2015: Antec Inc, the California based manufacturer of high performance computer cases, power supplies, and mobile accessories, introduced today at Computex 2015 the new Signature Series line of Premium Chassis.

Over a year of development went into the design of the new Signature Series cases that boast a never-before-seen internal structure.  The Central Air Intake System is the defining feature of the Signature Series chassis, providing a clear air flow path to key system components. The Three Chamber interior structure of the chassis is based scientific cooling principles using atmospheric pressure and isolation, while the exterior of the chassis was designed by the award winning team at Astro Studios in San Francisco, who have created works of art for Microsoft, Nike, Astro Gaming, and others.

We engaged with Astro to help us create a living, functional piece of art,” says Antec General Manager Frank Lee. “The Signature Series is meant to be an inspiration for creation.  Every computer can be a foundation to create the most insightful technologies and beautiful works of art, and we felt the series should embody that spirit.

A New Look

The star of the Signature Series is the S10 – Antec’s return to distinctive craftsmanship, using Aluminum and premium materials in an elite chassis.  As the first product in the Signature Series and the company’s new Flagship Model, the S10 features a smooth front panel highlighted by the absence of external drive bays, further enhancing a seamless and fluid exterior. Opposing Side Doors in Brushed Aluminum (S10) or Tempered Glass (S10G) provide the finishing details that make the S10 much more than just an elite chassis.

Cool Under Pressure

The S10, and each Signature Series model, features a new and completely unique Three (3) Chamber Design.  Using principles of atmospheric pressure and isolation, each chamber creates a thermal zone that has its own regulation system. “We redesigned how air flows inside the case by isolating components based on their heat generation,” said Product Development Director Han Liu. “By moving core components around, we increased airflow while effectively managing the system’s heat.  This dramatically lowered its energy use, making the Signature Series quieter and more environmentally friendly.”

3 Different Needs

As the main source of heat, the motherboard and graphics cards are housed in the main chamber.  The motherboard chamber features support for Extended ATX Motherboards including 10 PCI-E slots and up to Four (4) graphics cards.  The modular mounts for 280mm (top) and 360mm (front) radiators, maximize performance by keeping the main chamber ice cold with unrestricted air flow.

The lower chamber features a flex mounting option for the power supply with a dedicated cage for Five (5) SSDs and a single, optional 120mm fan to drive air through the chamber. The tool-less front “tower” chamber houses Six (6) HDDs and Three (3) SSDs in anti-vibration rails, cooled by a 120mm fan.  Three (3) washable filters protect each chamber from dust and debris, while providing users access from the outside for added convenience.

Room to Grow

A major feature of the Signature Series line is the expandability of the chassis.  Each case has been designed to allow upgrades as technology evolves and a user’s needs change.  “We wanted to give users a choice, the ability to make each case their own, so we gave them more options,” says Lee, who continues “The Signature Series will grow and change with each user, becoming an integral part of their everyday lives, a reflection of their lifestyle and personality.

With an MSRP of $499.99, the S10 is the pinnacle of quality and excellence from Antec.  Providing future proof expandability, innovative Central Air Intake cooling system, and the patent pending Three Chamber Design, the S10 is guaranteed to revolutionize the industry status quo for years to come.

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