An all-new extensive range of 10 Gaming Headphones launched by ZOOOK in India

French lifestyle brand ZOOOK has now launched an extensive all-new range of 10 gaming headphones. One of the leading global players in audio devices segment, ZOOOK has introduced the new range in affordable prices, varying from Rs 2,000 to a maximum of Rs 5,000 on all leading offline as well as online stores. The headphones have been named as per their attributes – Stealth, Rambo, Stallone, Bravo, Sniper, Communicate, Killer, Killer Gold, GamerZ1 and Rifle.


These professional headphones come in attractive looks and assure an immersive gaming experience. Across the range, you get complete noise cancellation and professional-quality surround sound experience. Leading the premium range of gaming headphones are Stealth, Rambo, Stallone and Bravo that hugely augment an immersive aural experience, letting you feel as if you are in a real battlefield. Weighing just one pound and packed with soft protein ear pads & retractable headband, the headphones are ideal for long gaming sessions. They deliver 7.1 surround sound and their high responsive audio drivers enable a gamer to make out the direction from which a sound like gunfire, enemy footsteps and scenario indicators are emanating.

These PS4 headphones with 3.5mm audio jack are compatible with PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone. Adding to the virtues of the gaming headphones are noise cancellation mechanism and anti-static microphones. The style quotient has also been taken care of with designer LED lights in red and blue colours on both sides, varying as per the headphone model.

Amid the range of headphones are Killer, Rifle and Sniper, which possess almost all the aforementioned features. All the headphones in the portfolio boast of a mic and support wired connectivity as well.

The range of professional gaming headphones from the house of ZOOOK further includes Communicate USB headphone and Gamer Z1. Communicate USB headphones are ideal for getting the best gaming experience on a laptop. Its noise-cancelling mic ensures a distortion free sound and its adjustable headband with foam earpads, wrapped in soft leatherette cover, fits heads of all ages. A 6ft USB cord provides an ideal length for learning environments and is strong enough to stand up to heavy use, and the headphone works well with Windows, Mac and Chrome OS devices. The Gamer Z1 is designed for hand control and comes with premium omni-directional microphone that can absorb sound sources in 360 degrees, making it perfect to chat with other players. Ergonomic design earpads reduce hearing impairment and heat sweating. You can simply plug these headphones and get started.

Rambo, Bravo, Killer and Killer Gold are equipped with premium 50mm neodymium driver while Stealth, Stallone, Sniper, Communicate, Rifle and GamerZ1 are powered by 40mm neodymium driver.

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