AMS-IX Mumbai reaches milestone of 111 Gbit per second peak traffic

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), a leading Internet Exchange Provider that operates multiple interconnection platforms around the world, has reached a new peak traffic record for their Internet Exchange in Mumbai, India. On November 16 at 18.10 hours CET a traffic peak of 111,4 Gbit per second was reached.

The new peak traffic is foremost a result of the growth of the platform in Mumbai. The last couple of months over fourteen new networks joined the exchange, bringing the number of connected ASNs to 63. More and more networks use AMS-IX Mumbai as a hub for exchanging traffic. Peak traffic this year grew with nearly 75% since the start of this year.

Rohit Yadav, Regional Manager India, said, “The digital transformation of society is picking up steam in India and this is reflected in the growth of our platform. I would like to thank all the connected customers for their trust in our services.”
111 Gigabit per second corresponds to the same traffic volume as about 20.000 simultaneous HD (1080p) video streams (5 Mbit/s).

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