Amdocs India expectations from the new government

Quote from Mr. Anshoo Gaur, President & Head, Amdocs India on his expectations from the new Government in the IT industry: 

President-&-Head-Amdocs-India-Anshoo-GaurKeeping the Rajya sabha situation aside, India finally has a government that can stand on their own feet and not surprisingly expectations from across sectors are high.  The initial signs are good, in industry parlance – skip-level meetings, active social communication/interactions, goals and targets (100 days and beyond) etc. can only lead to transparency, accountability and execution!!!  

From the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry perspective, there is a unique opportunity to not only enable the growth of industry, creating employment and increasing the GDP contribution but to also leverage ICT as an infrastructure that accelerates the resolution to India’s big challenges – healthcare, education, skills etc.  

The IT industry wants the business environment in India to be improved for investments and operations. The new government must work towards further enhancing the technology sector to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship. It must also strongly promote the use of ICT to improve governance. Also, the policy for the IT sector should be business friendly helping Indian IT companies to be competitive and winners in the global economy. 

When we compare the Indian Telecom industry with other global Telecom markets, I believe that our country needs a forward looking and consistent regulatory framework that can allow free market forces to play out. Also, given India’s distinct Telecom requirements; it may not be possible for it to replicate international telecom models. India will have to leapfrog technologies and take advantage of fiber-optic and broadband wireless communication in order to address issues related to healthcare, education, skills  etc. and hence the new government may actually need to play a more pro-active role in accelerating the deployment of a cross-country, and future-proof high-speed broadband infrastructure.

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