Allied Telesis expectations from the new government

Quote from Mr Subhasish Gupta, Country Manager – India & SAARC at Allied Telesis on his expectations from the new Government in the IT  industry:

Allied-Telesis-Country-Manager-India & SAARC-Subhasish-Gupta 

  • A more congenial and transparent biz environment is very much expected from the new BJP government in the months to come. In the past there has been lot of skepticism about government sentiments towards new entrants in the country.
  • There is a huge need for ramping up investments in infrastructure, power and utilities space and this needs large capital investments. It’s important when private players come into such large contracts, the government is capable to support them with timely land acquisitions and other clearances, as or else, the entire project cost shoots up if there are unwanted delays in government clearances and procedures.
  • Another area which might not be directly linked to us in the IT Industry but is a definite concern is a high expectation that progressively Modi government by the virtue of transparency as well as certain initiatives be able to bridge the huge deficit that the country currently has and bring down the inflation rate. As on date for the common man, due to high inflation, prices of everyday items like vegetables and other essentials have gone up leaps and bound in the past two years.
  • Gujarat state led by Modi as Chief Minister for past 12 years has been one of the role model states wherein GDP growth on an average has been upwards by 8%, when the country GDP was struggling @ 4.5-5%, the per capita agriculture output was the highest amongst all states, from infrastructure end. Gujarat has one of the best in the countries.
  • We expect Modi to be able to, through an efficient set of minsters at the center as well as state level use Gujarat as a role model and replicate some of the very successful initiatives PAN India and thus get the much required impetus into the Indian economy to get into one of the top countries amongst the BRIC countries as well as in Asia as a region.

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