Airtel launches ‘World Pass’ – One pack for travel across 184 countries

As the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ebb, we are beginning to witness a massive surge in international travel both for work and leisure. India, in fact, has seen a jump of 3X in international travellers this year, which is likely to double next year.

In order to make staying connected easy, intuitive and compelling, Airtel has launched ‘Airtel World Pass’. The World Pass revolutionises the experience for all international travel because it works seamlessly across 184 countries. So even if you are en-route at an Airport or travelling to two or more countries one pack now covers all your roaming needs.

This change comes on the back of extensive customer research conducted by Airtel that showed that many customers find International Roaming packs in general confusing across the whole global Telco industry. As a result, many are not connected when they want to be. Or they seek complex alternatives of temporary connections abroad. Airtel has now solved this problem structurally with the launch of the Airtel World pass.

Commenting on the launch of the Airtel World Pass, Shashwat Sharma, Director Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel said, “At Airtel, our mission is to solve customer problems so that our experience speaks for itself. The feedback that we have heard on international travel related concerns has compelled us to launch a defining proposition for our customers – the Airtel World Pass. This offers our customers one pack for the globe, significantly greater value, allows them to control what they use on the app and allows for emergency data usage long after the pack allowance is over. With Airtel World pass, we have set a new standard in the global telecom industry. I am certain our customers will benefit hugely from it as they travel the world, keeping their phones switched on, no matter where they are. As a matter of fact, our new plans offer significantly better value than travel or local sims in most countries.”

Airtel World Pass – Key Features

  • One Plan for travel to 184 countries. No confusion over which zone or pack to select. No need for multiple packs across multiple countries or transit airports
  • 24X7 Call centre support for the customer from any corner of the world, absolutely free of cost. A dedicated number 99100-99100 available on call and WhatsApp for all international travelling customer, serviced with a network and experience specialist squad for a real-time resolution of issues.
  • Special Packs for long stay/frequent travellers – Prepaid and postpaid packs specifically designed for frequent travellers and long stay customers that offer up to 1 year validity at an affordable cost.
  • Plans packed with significantly higher value for customers. In addition, customers will have Unlimited data available for emergency usage and messaging applications.
  • All control in the customers hand where they can manage their entire International roaming needs on the Airtel Thanks app, with updates on usage, billing amount or addition of data or minutes as needed.

Details of the Airtel World Pass are below for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers 

Postpaid Plans


Prepaid Plans


Data Calling (Local/India)



Data Calling





Unlimited Data (500MB High














2999 Unlimited Data

(5GB High Speed)

100 min/day 10 899 1GB 100 min 10
3999 Unlimited Data

(12GB High Speed)

100 min/day 30 2998 5GB 200 min 30
5999 Unlimited Data

(2GB High Speed)

900 Min 90 2997 2GB 100 min 365
14999 Unlimited Data (15GB High Speed) 3000 Min 365

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