Airtel has the lowest latency; followed by Jio: Tutela

Tutela recently published its Mobile Experience Report for the Indian region which features results based on mobile experience and usage. These results are said to be sourced from the company’s crowdsourced mobile network testing and the data it aggregated between August and October 2019. The Mobile Experience Report provides a summary of Tutela’s data collected across common coverage areas to provide insights into the typical mobile experience of users on the top mobile networks.

This report was produced using a subset of Tutela’s global dataset, limited to the titled country and the dates shown below, except where otherwise indicated.



As per the findings of the report, Airtel has the fastest download speeds and lowest latency results.



Other highlights from the report are as follows –

– Airtel has the lowest latency; followed by Jio
Latency results in common coverage areas show the average one-way trip time for packets sent from our user devices to our test servers. Lower latencies indicate better network performance.

– Airtel with fastest download speeds and Vodafone topped upload speeds category
Transfer speeds were analyzed while downloading 2MB and uploading 1MB

– Jio with highest throughput and Radio Access Technology
The percentage of time spent on radio access technologies per operator in common coverage areas.

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