Aircel launches ‘Astro Buddy’ for Astrology aficionados

Aircel-logoNew Delhi, India, June 15, 2014:  Aircel, one of India’s leading mobile service providers, has launched an astrology service ‘Astro Buddy’ for its customers. Through this product, customers can subscribe for daily astrology updates and predictions based on their zodiac signs. The service by Aircel is supported by renowned astrologer Bhupesh Sharma who will be lending his expertise to its subscribers. Bhupesh Sharma is also the lead Astro-counsellor of Nyassa AstroCorp, an astrology consultancy. He uses Astrology as a counseling tool rather than a predictive or remedial gimmick. Apart from individuals, Bhupesh has been counseling many corporate heads and business houses on issues like HR, Mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, new business ventures, etc.

Customers will receive their daily astro updates as a wake up alarm service, in Bhupesh Sharma’s voice every morning. The service is available to Aircel customers at Rs. 2 per day who can subscribe by dialing 12886(Toll Free). Customers can also avail Premium Astro Counsellng Service at Rs. 10/min to seek astrology solutions for their problem by dialing 51717.

The business of  Tele Astros service is growing at a fast pace. Customers will get benefits from the entire suite of astrology which will include Live phone advice, vedic astrology services, life prediction, career prediction, love horoscope, health forecasts, match making and a lot more.

Chief Marketing Officer Aircel Anupam Vasudev said “Aircel firmly believes in offering a variety of Value Added Services to its customers as per their tastes and preferences. We are delighted to partner with Bhupesh Sharma and Nyassa AstroCorp for the launch of our Astro Buddy service that will enable our customers to get instant astrology predictions on their mobile phones.”

Anupam added “The rapid growth of VAS and Data is expected to contribute an important share in the revenue stream of the telecom industry. At Aircel, we have taken note on the shifting subscriber usage pattern and have devised many products and services especially in our VAS segment.”

Bhupesh Sharma, lead Astro Counsellor- Nyassa AstroCorp said “I firmly believe that astrology has answers to many of life’s questions and dilemmas. I am delighted to support Aircel’s astro service as it will help customers getting unconventional and radical professional advice, suggestions and predictions from us.”

Aircel constantly launches innovative Value Added Services to cater to the needs of its customers. Recently Aircel partnered with DigiVive to bring Pepsi IPL on mobile phones. Aircel also partnered with to launch ‘Aircel Joys’ which offered exciting deals and discounts to the customers from a vast range of categories such as Entertainment, Lifestyle, Shopping, Hospitality, Personal Care and others.

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