64% directors are worried about the impact of AI on their organizations

Dale Carnegie of India organized ‘Expert Forum 2019,’ a global thought leadership annual roundtable. A whitepaper on the theme “Beyond Technology: Preparing People for Success in the Era of AI” was launched at the event. Expert Forum is an exclusive thought leadership event that brings together some of India’s foremost thought leaders and opinion-makers to brainstorm, challenge conventions and provide perspective on concepts that are critical for organizational success.

The whitepaper highlights a survey covering 3,500 employees where they were asked about how they feel about AI and what they expect from it, with the objective of providing useful insights for leaders. The research revealed a snapshot of current attitudes as well as important factors that enlightens professionals about successful implementation of AI in the organizations. The survey indicates that more than 60% of respondents are likely to accept appraisal by AI, if they are fully aware of the criteria. 32% of the respondents mention that they are not fully equipped with this criterion. Two in three people surveyed said they felt positive about AI taking over routine tasks so that they could focus on more meaningful work.

This year’s roundtable discussion was based on the survey that highlighted how achieving the full potential of AI depends on a successful partnership between humans and machines. The research further identified three important aspects that would help employees feel more positive about AI:

  • Trust in their organization’s leadership
  • Transparency resulting in a clear understanding of what the AI does
  • Giving employees confidence in their ability to transition

The whitepaper laid down aspects related to building trust at workplace where employees can have a positive attitude towards change, be willing to learn new skills and accept changing roles working alongside machines.

Pallavi Jha, Chairperson and Managing Director, Dale Carnegie of India said, “In today’s organizations, success depends on human-machine partnerships. Leaders should focus on building trust, providing transparency and building confidence in their workforce to be able to evolve along with the changing way of work. Trust and transparency will go a long way towards bringing in more people into decision making processes and helping employees approach AI with a positive attitude.”

Dale Carnegie’s global experts, Mark Marone, PhD, Director, Research & Thought Leadership, Dale Carnegie and Associates, Juliette Dennett, Managing Director, Dale Carnegie Northern England, Jordan Wang, Managing Director New South Wales, Dale Carnegie Australia set the stage for an engaging discussion on usage of AI across industries. An esteemed group of top HR leaders shared valuable insights on how the need for soft skills is evolving and gaining more prominence around the world.

Some of the eminent delegates present at the roundtable were Daljit Singh, President, Fortis Healthcare, Ashok Kumar Balyan, CEO – Oil & Gas Business, Reliance and Carmistha Mitra, Vice President – Human Resources, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

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