2014 overview and Trends for 2015 by Mr. Debasis Chatterji, CEO of Netxcell Limited (Telecom)

CEO-of-Netxcell-Limited-Debasis-Chatterji2014 overview

Telecom industry is just coming out of the lag phase of last three years. In that sense 2014 has been nondescript. In recent quarters operators have been showing a better EBITA due strong growth in data services. Hence we can say 2014 served as a foundation for a new growth oriented phase in the coming years.

2015 Trends and industry expectations

In 2015, the 3G spectrum bid is awaited. The industry is eagerly waiting for its outcome. The industry is hoping that the taxation issues are going to be settled. The industry is also hopeful of a new telecom policy; the market is witnessing quite a lot of consolidation. In my opinion the sector has a promising future in the coming months.

The single most significant trend that has caught the attention of the industry is growth in data users in value and volume. As per the industry estimate by the end of 2014 we will have about 300 million data users. Majorly this is happening due to the reduction in prices of smart phones and data pack availability at a lower price point.

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