Welcome to the Future of Virtual Offices Powered by Virtual Meeting Rooms

Knowlarity-CEO-Ambarish-GuptaA virtual office exists in cyberspace only. Unlike physical offices that require office space, furniture, equipment and many man-hours setting up business & operations, virtual offices are  easier to set up and faster to operate. Besides the big advantage of super-fast deployment, which is such a big advantage in a fast moving market, a virtual office provide employees with the flexibility to work from any location, using smart devices like smart phones, tablet or laptops.

OPEX – wise a virtual office is cost-effective compared to conventional, space – dependent, traditionally – run, physical location – bound office. Virtual offices are important because of how businesses are structured now – a – days with loosely structured ad – hoc teams taking precedence over more rigid command and control work based structures. Cloud provides the ubiquitous tools for disparate and dislocated teams to work together bringing them together on a common platform.

One such tool is the virtual meeting room. Before going into the various advantages of a virtual office it is important to understand the nature of the problem. So, what is one of the biggest hurdles coming in the way of effective communication? It has to be location. A virtual meeting room provides a clever workaround this problem by moving the meeting room from physical location to virtual location. With virtual meeting, you can meet customers, conduct employee orientation and training, or deliver sales presentation without need of physically being present at the location. Most importantly, one can interact from any computer, any browser, any location and anytime.

Access to meeting is password protected. The system generates unique password for every employee/participant/customer which is validated by the system before allowing entry to the virtual meeting room. Call logs are maintained in the cloud platform which can be retrieved easily for referencing purposes.   Since cloud is platform agnostic interface anyone from anywhere can log into virtual meeting rooms from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC).  There’s no compromise when the question is of data security. Redundant servers, premise & physical safety and regular backups ensure highest standards of data safety.

Unlike the various myths and conceptions cloud is not limited to IT teams only. While IT may support and initiate most cloud related projects other departments – sales, marketing, operations and customer service – are also joining in. Senior executives spanning across disciplines must be involved in any enterprise – wide cloud strategy because any such strategy will remain incomplete without having the top departmental personal coming on board to reduce employee resistance to new technology.

Author Bio: Mr. Ambarish Gupta, CEO  at Knowlarity Communications, Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur with degree in Computer Science in 2000 and with a MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, USA in 2007. Mr Ambarish Gputa started knowlarity with his two friends in early 2009 by making the company pioneer in cloud telephony.  Knowlarity has won several awards like Nasscom emerge 50 (League of 10), Deloitte fast 50 for the 11th fastest growing start-up in India. Best Startup Company in 2012 by Silicon India, Techcircle Fastrack 2012 winner, Red Herring’s top 100 Asia Awards.

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