Various Trends in IT Domains in 2014

Anupam-Saha-Co- Founder-and-Business-Head-RealtoExpressIndia is currently witnessing the 2nd generation telecom revolution where data services are gaining more popularity. The coming year will see more and more solution for Enterprises and SMEs taking advantage of the increased Mobile Broadband penetration. Since the end clients is consuming more and more information on their mobile and tablets, organizations will be targeting these screens to make their services available in the hand of the consumers. Same will happen with enterprise solutions.

CRM and ERP software will get out from the standalone computers and will move into the hand of the employees in a bigger and efficient way. Employees will be able to access and perform much of their activity on the move.

Real Estate industry will also witness the same level of automation. The client facing organizations of the overall value chain who are the Real estate consultants had already embraced various CRM and ERP application to manage their day to day activities starting from Campaign Management, Lead Management, Task Management to Property, Projects and Booking Management. Indian Real Estate consultants are primarily using solutions from SAP, RealtoExpress and Salesforce who are in top league in the complete IT value chain. As the acceptability of the CRM / ERP is gaining popularity these organization are now looking forward for solutions which will make them more mobile. The job role of these consultant forces them to be in the field for longer time but at the same time they require ERP tools which can make them more prompt and efficient in their services.

In the coming years Real Estate Consultancy Industry will also see analytical tools to be used in their day to day activities. These tools will be used to determine which existing clients to be targeted be it “pitching new products” or “selling of the existing inventories” of the clients. A CRM / ERP system will enable an organization to manage such activities efficiently.

Sales forecasting tools will also mark their presence in this sector as more and more organizations managing their data in system which will provide them a live database which they can use. It is expected in the coming year such tools will make a difference in Real Estate Consultancy vertical as it had done in other industry in the past.

Authored by:- Mr Anupam Saha Co-founder and Business Head RealtoExpress

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