Smart Home Tech Trends For 2021

2020 was the year of disruptions. But who knew that the same disruptions would lead to more innovations? Well, there is no doubt that coronavirus has severely affected the world economy, be it the loss of lives or closure of businesses. But at the same time, it also created new work cultures like WFH. And believe it or not, amidst these transitions, we all have somehow become more reliant on technologies, and turned to innovative tools, including video conferencing, collaborative software, and solutions of akin nature, with the internet backing us up.

It’s a truism that the pandemic has pushed us to spend most of our time at home, which further enabled us to ponder our home surroundings and reorient how we used to live in the pre-COVID era. Against this backdrop, let’s hear out some trends that are likely to gain more traction as we advance in 2021:

AI and IoT products

As the world operates remotely, the need to stay connected will become more relevant in the times to come. Consumers, especially Gen Z and millennials, continue to look for a connected experience. As a result, the brands are expected to bank on this opportunity and strive to meet these aspirations by rolling out new smart home solutions that enable consumers to control various smart devices in their homes through a centralized platform like an app.

One of the most incredible testimonies to this innovation in the present day is smart TVs that are not just entertainment boxes anymore, but way beyond that. For instance, with AI and IoT, today’s modern TVs allow users to stream content on bigger screens and enjoy more immersive viewing. Not only that, but consumers can also connect other smart home devices that are powered by AI and IoT, such as washing machines, lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., and control all of them through their smart TV.

Now picture all of this with the inclusion of 5G in our lives. Some of the improvisations that this technology will bring to the table are ubiquitous connectivity, peak data rates, ultra-low latency and much greater interoperability.

Smart devices that go with home décor

For any modern home, smart devices are imperative. But that’s not the only factor that adds to the beauty of a home. These devices should also look great and blend in with the internal aesthetics. That means looks are an essential factor in buying smart home devices because nobody wants to invest heavily in a super-intelligent device that looks completely unattractive.

To understand this better, let’s take the same aforementioned example of smart TVs. While intelligent TVs come packed with unique features – micro dimming, hands-free voice control, etc. – that can simply blow your mind, they also offer great looks in terms of design. Today, most smart TVs offered by brands have a metallic body, slim design, AMOLED displays, etc., making them not only an intelligent entertainment box but also an elegant showpiece – more like a fine wall painting – that perfectly goes with your home décor.

App-based devices

Smartphone in today’s era is considered an essential part of our lives. Most of the activities that we engage in regularly are reliant on various applications. Just like we have been witnessing software development over the years, we are most likely to see app development even more in the coming days, offering much greater possibilities that never existed before. For instance, imagine a life without WhatsApp or before its inception. No doubt we had the option of sending text messages but was that seamless? Fast-forward to now, and observe how our communication methods have evolved with time and technologies.

Today with video call feature in our hands, not only can we talk to the other person, but we can also see them at the same time. In fact, to make this experience even more prominent, we also have smart TVs that feature a built-in front camera, enabling users to connect with people on a much bigger screen. But in the end, we can’t deny that all these innovations will be accessible through an application on our smartphone or any other device. We are likely to see more app breakthroughs that will take user experience to a whole new level in the future.


The upcoming launch of the fifth-generation of cellular mobile communications will directly impact all the smart devices powered by the internet in terms of performance and reliability. It will drastically increase the speed of all smart devices to connect and communicate with each other, hence resulting in a more seamless user experience. Imagine a life with no lags in any of the activities associated with a smartphone or any other smart device.

Apart from the speed factor, 5G is also anticipated to strengthen network reliability by creating more stable connections for smart devices, especially that are IoT-driven. Areas like video streaming, smart home security, AI, VR, etc. – all will benefit from 5G and make smart homes even more intelligent than usual. What we have experienced so far through our existing smart devices, including TVs, speakers, lights, etc. will take a whole new shape with the integration 5G.

We expect a whole new era of innovations in 2021 that will change how we connect with people and make our lives more simplified and seamless from every aspect. With brands exploring and introducing new technologies, modern living will get bigger, better, and much smarter than we can ever imagine.

Authored by:- Mr. Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India

(The views expressed in this article are by – Mr. Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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