Need for Agile Transformation in Large Companies

The need to have a competitive advantage in the concerned industry has made many companies turn to agile approaches. Agility deals with the adapting culture, values, and principles to shift the mindsets and behaviours of everyone involved culture. Change is inevitable and it can be of vary in the amount of impact it may cause. Be it any change – there is some strategy, there are change agents and there are people and stakeholders involved. For e.g. a Disruptive change aimed at encouraging move to a paperless economy to a shallower change aimed at optimizing existing work for efficiency or cost savings.

People and interactions are essential for any change, while there are many frameworks for defining what needs to change, however, there is no framework on how to work with the people/stakeholders involved.  The biggest challenge with change management initiative is the initiative of changing people and their behaviours. Each individual in that process is a different personality, has a different motivation and therefore change agents need to work with them differently. The real challenge here is motivational drives of personalities that are invisible. The first step, therefore, is to recognize the personalities along with their attributes.

In this regards, Sabre Global Development Centre is taking part in Agile Gurugram 2020. The event is organized by a Thought Leadership community known as Agile Network India (ANI), with a mission of bringing the best content to the community and foster networking, learning and sharing of information, knowledge, and skills. The workshop will include some proven customized frameworks (built over the 50+ years of combined experience in various aspects of driving change) that can help overcome resistance, enlist and work with nay-sayers.

Authored by:- Mr. Rajsekhar Janaswamy, Principal Agile Coach – Agile COE, Sabre

(The views expressed in this article are by Mr. Rajsekhar Janaswamy, Principal Agile Coach – Agile COE, Sabre. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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