IoT based solution to improve safety of female BPO employees by Sanchit Jain, CEO & Co-Founder of DreamOrbit

Crime against women has been rising with each passing year. And BPO/ITES sector is not an exception. The number of women that work in BPO are rising too and therefore, providing them safe commute between their home and office is a responsibility that every Corporate or Taxi Service is willing to deliver.

However, awareness is not enough. We need to work for better safety solutions that can be implemented within existing infrastructure and is adopted quickly. The users of this solution are the commuters, drivers and Security Supervisors. Therefore, this solution has to be easy to use.

DreamOrbit is developing a solution that uses NFC/Bluetooth beacon along with GPS and Internet to create a system that not only ensures safety but also automates recovery processes in case of worst-case Scenarios. Here is a high-level architecture of the BPO Women’s Safety Solution.


The commute scenario has been broken down into 4 user stories and on each step, we have explained how technology will trace, track and regulate the commute.

The employee Gets into the Cab:

The employee checks-in using  her phone and an NFC or Bluetooth enabled IoT device fitted in the cab that is connected to a central server. Once the trip starts, the server would be initiate a workflow that would workout possible routes to the destination and implement geofencing for that particular ride.

The employee is travelling towards the destination:

In-Transit, the employee can optionally switch on her GPS location service too. The cloud based server checks that the commuter is still travelling in the cab by looking at both the overlapping GPS signals. The server can send notifications to security officials of the Corporate for any exception.

If the route is changed without needed approvals:

In case the driver decides to move out of the geofence, a notification workflow will alert the required team. The system can be further programmed to run corrective events such as, in-vehicle camera streaming can be switched on to see what really is happening inside the cab.

The employee reaches her destination:

Once the trip is over, the employee checks-out using her phone and the the same NFC/Bluetooth device in the cab and the Travel Supervisor is notified too.

This solution would improve safety of employees, especially females working in night shifts in the BPO industry, as it tracks the employee from her home to the office and back. Once the driver/accomplices know that everything is being tracked, it would act as a big crime deterrent.

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