How to Save Battery Power on an Android

AndroidIt is easy to save battery power on you Android and it should not cost you a lot of money to do it. Most of the options on this article are free options you have, and they help you control your Android power supply until you can get to a charger. Here are a few ways to save battery power on an Android.

Turn off your background processes

You are allowed a lot more background processes on an Android than you are on an Apple iOS. This means there is the potential to drain a lot more energy from your Android as the day goes on. You can and possibly should turn of your background processes if they are not in use. Most people say that the GPS takes up the most energy and is the most commonly left on background process. There are also apps that will turn on and off your background processes as you need them.

Set your screen timeout to its lowest setting

This is a half hearted tip for two reasons. The first is because in the year 2014 you should be able to have your phone active for more than a few seconds if you stop using it to look around and see another human for a second. And, the second reason is because the timeout often means you need to re-enter the pin again and again which is burningly annoying.

Apps to help you out

As mentioned above, there are apps that turn on and off your background processes and there are apps that only start updating your programs when you are in the vicinity of Wi-Fi. This used to be more impressive than it is now because it used to be that you hit a Wi-Fi area when you got home and so were near your charger, but nowadays you can get Wi-Fi on a bus. There are apps that shut down more and more functions as your battery power gets lower so that the time left is extended a little.

Try the Android settings

Within the Android operating system, and/or within the settings set out by the phone manufacturer, you should be able to set your Smartphone or tablet device to a lower power setting. It is often possible to lower the amount of battery power used in your everyday use of the mobile device.

Back in the old days this meant simply lowering the amount of time the backlight was on. But, these days there are plenty of fun functions that lower energy usage. If your phone has very few “Power save” options then you can always download an app to do it for you.

Stop using it as much

If you have little battery left then stop playing games and checking apps or social media profiles. More importantly, stop taking it out of your pocket every ten minutes to check on it. You know you do it and if you were perceptive you would notice that your friends do it too. Stop taking it out of your pocket to check it all the time, added to which, if you have a pin on your phone (as most do) and you are unlocking your phone every ten minutes then you need a good slap.

Check the power usage of your phone

Go to settings, then about phone, then battery use. Have a look at what your phone is using in terms of battery usage. If it gives you historic data about power usage, then your standby function should have taken up the most power over the time you have had your mobile device.

Reduce your display brightness

You do not have to do this if you do not want. It seems silly that you spend hundreds on a device that you have to make dark. We are not living in the bible times so you do not have to. But, you can install apps that lower the brightness depending on the ambient light. There are even some mobile devices that have this function as standard.

Use 2G only

It takes up less battery power to use 2G. You will see this in your phone technical specs. It will tell you your talk time and 2, 3 and 4 G talk time. You will see how 2G uses the least amount of battery power via the fact it has the longest battery time.

The weird world of the AMOLED

An AMOLED screen uses up to seven times more power when it displays white instead of black. So, use black as your background and you save power by default.

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