Four Tips on Choosing the Right Car Video Recorder

Four-Tips-on-Choosing-the-Right-Car-Video-RecorderVisiting family and friends during the holidays can be fun, but with many relying on their car to complete the journey, it can also be a potentially hazardous time to travel. Due to the higher number of vehicles on the road, drivers are urged to take extra precautions. Installing a car video recorder (also known as dashboard camera or dash cam) has been shown to promote safe driving and potentially lower accident rates; in addition to providing reliable evidence should the worst happen.

Here are four major features and benefits to consider when choosing a car video recorder:

1. Enhanced Night Recording: On-road incidents can happen at any moment. For this reason, a car video recorder must have the ability to record at any time of the day or night.

2. Wide Angle View, High Quality Lens & Full HD Recording: Involved individuals trying to establish the cause of an accident will benefit from more clear and detailed video evidence.

3. Impact Detection: Deleted files cannot be recovered easily. Impact Detection is an important safety measure that ensures videos recorded in a collision are not lost.

4. Instant Sharing: Download and share recorded videos with insurance companies and police using an Apple or Android device thanks to wireless connectivity.



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