Five Things to do in a Traffic Jam

Huawei-logoIt often happens that we get stuck in a harrowing traffic jam no matter when, where and how. It is the most definite reason that might irritate you, frustrate you or end up spoiling your good mood. Living through a traffic jam seems like the utmost boring and difficult task to do, be it for some minutes or long stretched hours. But here’s time to excuse some boredom out of your life while you’re stuck in a jam. Consider doing these five things and who knows, you might end up having a good time in a jam:

Enjoy Wi-Fi

Unbelievable, isn’t it? You can also enjoy Wi-Fi in your own car on maximum of 10 devices. All you need to have is Huawei’s E8321 USB Modem Data Card. Plug your Huawei data card in your car charger and get access to speedy internet while you’re stuck in traffic. Plug and play online music, send instant messages, browse internet, tweet or update your status on Facebook. With a speed of 21.1 Mbps, Huawei’s E8321 lets you do all your office work while you’re in the jam. 

Dial-up your favourite number

You probably might have not been getting enough time to call your loved ones or catch up on your missed calls. This is the time to compensate for the same. Dial-up your friend’s or cousin’s number and go gossiping around until the jam gets clear. The time would fly away in a jiffy and you wouldn’t even notice.

Take a Nap-

Got those under eye dark circles and feeling too stressed? Well, you shouldn’t miss a chance like this. You might not have the best nap in a jam but amongst so much stress and work, a nap anytime and anywhere is better. Close your windows, put a soft music on play and just relax yourself for a nap. Don’t worry about dozing off, because the honking cars would surely work as a better wake-up alarm.

Follow the trend, take selfies

This new trend cum obsession has become the new pastime for people when they get stuck in jams. Taking selfies in weird and funky poses is what people prefer doing these days. Thanks to Social media apps which divert your minds from the irritating honking and jams. If you don’t feel like taking a selfie, click pictures of the weird things happening around you, unless somebody objects!

Game On –

What could distract you from a traffic jam better than a game. This is your time to relieve yourself off stress and play games that were installed like unused apps in your phone. Or if you have more than two people in your car, get indulge in interesting group games.

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