“Evolving Technology: Can India afford to be left behind” – By Mr. Sandeep Girotra’s, Vice President and Head – India Market at Nokia Networks

Sandeep-Girotra-Nokia-NetworksTechnology today has become as essential as water, house and electricity! We cannot imagine our lives without technology. We can re-imagine a world where technology blends into our lives.  Technology that works for us, discreetly yet magically in the background, enriches our lives. Effortless, simple, and intuitive technology which enables new and extraordinary experiences in people’s lives each day. At Nokia we see this world as a “Programmable World”. Whether it’s for entertainment, utility, health, transportation etc. – the programmable world today and will have a big impact on humankind. This is what we at Nokia like to call as the “Human Possibilities of Technology.” For eg: for Utility & Transportation – technology can help expand the human possibilities of the connected world today. However the underlying force to such possibilities is a robust, ubiquitous and omnipresent connectivity network. 

Digital India key building blocks are universal broadband connectivity across urban and rural areas to enable e-governance and e-services availability to all. Connectivity along with Smart Applications will enable delivery of  e-services and e-Governance to Citizens and IoT eco-system will play a key role to make this happen, especially for application in connected mobility, smart cities, healthcare, industry and Public Safety areas. We are at the cusp of very interesting time in India. To make Digital India successful we need a robust, and possibly a never seen before level of telecom infrastructure given the diversity, complexity and expanse of India. 

I strongly believe that the Digital India initiative can make a great difference to the country right now. To accomplish a truly Digital India, the government must start by building on the infrastructure that is already in place, and integrating the right technology — to accelerate the delivery of services that create a more connected society.

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