Deliver Just in Time Customer Service with FarEye by Kushal Nahata, Co-Founder & CEO of FarEye

Co-Founder-&-CEO-of-FarEye-Kushal-NahataTypically, you pick up pen and paper and start the arduous process of trying to schedule a very large and complex set of tasks across days, teams, and deadlines. With that approach, it’s not a matter of “if” things go wrong for you but it’s just “when” things start going wrong. Instead think of an automation and configurable business solution that handles all the people, process, tasks, and timelines of long cycle projects, a solution that enables you to effortlessly accept and schedule complex work orders and to add to that also provides business insights through its strong analytics allowing you to better strategize and ensuring optimization. 

After knowing & understanding the workforce management challenges, FarEye a Delhi based start- up thought of coming up with  solutions to the critical problems faced by a manager i.e. real time co-ordination between the business requests, customer requests and field employees. It provides a platform to intelligently schedule and dispatch jobs, monitor execution of tasks through a comprehensive overview of field force with job status and evalutaion of the performance through real -time updates and auto-generated reports; thereby impacting all the stakeholders involved – Manager, Field worker and of course the end customer. 

From the manager’s point of view he knows the productivity of his team, can address customer vagaries due to identification and traction of any field worker, identify problem areas through heat maps and other analytical reports, his real time reporting allows him to make smarter decisions and address concerns. From the field worker’s point of view FarEye reduces administrative work (manual data entry, cash reconciliation etc.) leading to increased productivity, increased first-attempts. The time that was used to generate these reports can now be used more productively. From the customer’s point of view FarEye includes last minute request, addresses ad-hoc requests, gives an option to the consumer to rate the experience at point of service, tracking the employees, reduces TAT and there is an increased responsiveness towards the customer.

Bajaj Life Insurance, one of the service takers of FarEye says “In the field of insurance where people have innumerable options to look for what matters for us is the speed of execution. We always needed one solution exclusively designed in order to keep coordination between our employees and our customers so that it would easy for us to fix up meetings and deliver our work to customers on time as promised. This is where FarEye stepped in with its Just in Time solution which ensured timely delivery of promises thereby helping us to retain the customers.”

With the festive season ahead to make the work smoother during the Diwali rush FarEye has designed a robust solution for Hyperlocals, Marketplace/e-commerce and Logistics. Hyperlocal deliveries are time bound – after placing an order the customer remains anxious till the delivery is done. FarEye through its auto-assign feature helps identify the closest field employee to perform a particular task. This is done through preset criteria set by a client like – pending workload, distance from customer, last see online etc. We can say that the FarEye platform is like an Uber for hyperlocal and food delivery market – identification of the most suited & assignment to him.  To help the e-commerce players, FarEye have developed a customized solution for the same which helps in on-boarding of sellers, Sellers’ app for Product Management, managing last mile Delivery, first mile pick-up. Scheduling jobs, finding the best route, dispatching jobs, tracking delivery guys, cash reconciliation, heat maps, and automated reports are the challenges faced by the Logistics Managers. FarEye has developed a solution that helps in addressing all of the above through its mobile workforce management platform. 

With this real time coordination with mobile workers, field jobs and customers request every work is done in just fraction of seconds and of course not to mention out you do save a lot in such scenario. This workforce management makes sure that once a customer uses its service he comes back again ultimately increasing the customer fan base. In this era of quick throat competition what’s important is how well you satisfy your customers and we at FarEye ensure that part. And when you have your workforce well tracked then you ultimately end with Just in Time Delivery isn’t?

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