5 technology trends that will redefine the smart TV segment in India

TCL-India-General-Manager-Mike-ChenThe smart TV sector in India has been on a tremendous growth trajectory over the past few years. The market has seen a mix of several new entrants – mostly smartphone makers – and traditional TV manufacturers bringing new tech advances to the table. It received 15 million units last year (2019), which is the highest-ever shipment so far.

The Untold Story

Just a few years ago, during the 2017-18 phase, India started seeing dramatic changes around content consumption. This change was attributed to fast and cheap data that enabled consumers to rapidly consume content using smartphones. This was a warm-up phase for the country that just started witnessing platforms like YouTube and Hotstar offering content streaming services. With country-wide popular events like IPL, these platforms gained more traction among the evolving consumers.

As consumers began eyeing for streaming content on the bigger screens, it became the watershed moment for players to tap on the smart TV space and manufacture premium quality screens with unmatched hardware. That’s how various brands strived to innovate the smart TVs with cutting-edge technologies, making these devices a major part of our smart lifestyles.

But what are those trends and technologies that make these devices so unique? Let’s have a look at some of the top trends that are redefining this segment in India:

Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum dots emit blue LED light to further refine the image quality of the display and truly enhance the TV viewing experience. These are designed to improve the vibrancy of images by augmenting the capabilities of HDR and 4K elements and thereby offering a truly immersive experience to users. No wonder why most high-end smart TVs that you come across at showrooms offer crystal clear picture with all the minute details of the objects. In short, this technology creates huge amount of colour combinations to present stunning picture quality to viewers.

Hands-free voice control

For ages, we have controlled our TVs with remotes, constantly pressing those buttons to switch to our favourite programs and movies. But gone are those days now. Today’s smart TVs come packed with Google Assistant that enables us to use remotes as mikes. Just hold it down and give commands to the remote to play anything on the TV. Amazing right? Well, there’s more. Several brands are also manufacturing TVs that come with hands-free voice control feature completely eliminating the need for remote. A user can simply control their TV by giving voice commands directly to the device in the open air.

TVs as an emerging gaming tool

As big-screen gaming become the new trend among modern game enthusiasts, leading smart TV manufacturers are amplifying their devices with apt gaming features that make it a perfect fit for new-gen gamers. The TVs support 4K graphics and also come with a separate game mode that ensures minimum input lag, thus offering a highly responsive gaming experience. Moreover, since smart TVs are certified with Google, one can easily have an unlimited access to a large pool of games available in the play store, just like smartphones. While you can play a host of light games using the TV remote, other high-end games call for joystick gamepads to have seamless gaming experience.

AI x IoT

This is something that most leading TV makers are offering to consumers these days to ensure smart living experience. By employing artificial intelligence and internet of things in today’s smart TVs including advanced features such as hands-free voice command, seamless gaming, and unlimited content consumption, among others, these devices become capable of providing consumers with a different way to enjoy TV – something nobody could have ever imagined a few years back. All these features when combined, empowers today’s smart TVs to offer unmatched in-home experience, while also enabling consumers to connect them with other smart home devices at home and control everything through one medium.

Informative Content

While one can get access to a huge variety of content through apps that come as a built-in feature in today’s smart TVs such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, these devices are actually more than that. Not only can users watch their favourite movies and TV series, but can also install various informative apps from the play store – for instance, AccuWeather to enjoy a full display of the forecast with all the relevant information and updates, recipe apps like Kitchen Stories that could be your perfect cooking guide to prepare delicious meals, or Daily Workouts, a perfect training app to learn various fitness techniques at home and lead a healthy life.

While these smart TV features are just conversation-starters, these devices are yet to innovate more and become a necessity like a smartphone in the years to come. There was a time when televisions were just an ordinary entertainment box. However, they have evolved into something much bigger today and will become a key tool to ensure immersive smart home experience in the upcoming digital-first world.

Authored by:- Mr. Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India

(The views expressed in this article are by – Mr. Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India. Technuter.com doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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