Ather Energy unveils its electric scooter ‘Ather 450X’

Ather Energy unveiled an advanced performance and intelligent electric scooter, Ather 450X. The super scooter comes packed with brand new features, advanced 4G connectivity and a brand new ownership model, at INR 99,000 (Bengaluru) up front and a monthly subscription.

Ather 450X comes in three new colours; Grey, Green and White. The scooter is powered with a 6kW PMSM motor, a new 2.9 kWh lithium ion battery and comes with 4 riding modes. In addition to Eco, Ride and Sport, Ather is introducing a new high-performance mode, ‘Warp’. Ather 450X can go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.3 sec in the Warp mode, making it the quickest electric scooter in its category and the perfect choice to navigate through city traffic.

Ather 450X

The revolutionary improvement in its battery has enabled a projected Indian Drive Cycle (IDC) range of 116 km and a real life range of 85 km in city conditions. Ather 450X will also charge 50% faster than before at 1.5km per minute, making it the fastest charging rate in the electric two-wheeler category.

Ather 450X will have a 4G SIM card and Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to manage phone calls and music on the touchscreen dashboard. The new 7” touchscreen dashboard, comes with a color depth of 16M and a Snapdragon Quad Core processor. Ather 450X utilises Android Open Source to offer map navigation, On-board diagnostics and other unique features like Over-the-air updates, Auto Indicator off and Guide-me-home lights.

The Ather mobile app will continue to offer personalised ride statistics, charging status, push navigation and more functionalities like theft & tow detection, live location & vehicle state tracking, voice assistant and welcome lights. Ather 450X will support connected accessories like smart helmets and tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

Ather recently signed an MoU with the Tamil Nadu government to build a new 400,000 sq ft facility and is now moving to the next phase of its growth. Ather is scaling up its operations across the country with Ather 450X being available across 10 major cities in India beginning with Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad along with Bengaluru and Chennai.

Ather 450X Specifications

  Specification Ather 450X
Performance Peak Power 6KW
Max Torque 26 Nm
Top Speed 80 kmph
Acceleration (0-40 kmph) 3.3 s
Riding modes Warp-Sport-Ride-Eco


Range (Projected Indian Drive Cycle) 116 km
TrueRange 85 km
Charging Fast-charging Rate 1.5 km/min
Battery Capacity 2.9 kWh
Colours   White
Display and Touchscreen, Dashboard Processor Snapdragon Quad Core
Operating System Android Open Source OS (AOSP)
Screen Size and Type 7-inch  Touchscreen LED
Colour Depth 16 million
Smart Features Connectivity 4G

Wi-Fi 2.45G,

Bluetooth 4.2,

BLE 5.0

Dashboard Over the air updates

Onboard Navigation

Auto Indicator off

Guide-me-home lights

Connected Mobile App

Side stand sensor

  App Based Smart Features Ride Stats

Push Navigation

Live Location and Vehicle State Tracking

Theft/Tow detection

Music Control

Call Control

Welcome Lights

Voice Assistant

Smart Accessories Support Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Smart Helmet



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