3M launches Ceramic Coating for the Indian automotive and paint industry

3M India has launched 3M Ceramic Coating for the Indian automotive and paint industry. Developed with 3M’s advanced technology that promises a premium finish and a powerful protection, ceramic coating enables easier car care procedure with minimal maintenance.

The product has been launched to establish the ultimate solution to all issues related to exterior car surfaces. 3M Ceramic Coating provides a long-lasting hydrophobic finish that makes it excellent for water beading, thus maintaining surface durability. It also ensures a powerful protection by providing a chemical resistance that shields the exterior car surface to the effects of salt, acid rain, tree sap and more such irritants.

Speaking on the product launch, P T. Mukund, Director, Automotive Aftermarket Division- Asia, said, “Asia Pacific region is expected to be 40% of the global market of ceramic coatings and at 3M, we have always strived to cater to the needs of Indian customers. Given the extreme weather conditions in India, the automotive aftermarket has always been on the search for the most durable coating for car owners. With that in mind, we are optimistic and enthusiastic that the launch of Ceramic Coating will give customers the best user experience and functionality.

Formulated after years of research and development, 3M has combined its ground-breaking science and real-world performance for the 3M Ceramic Coating treatment. The product helps to enrich paint gloss and shine, for a durable new-polish look for car owners and OEMs.”

Commenting on the industry, Ashutosh Shirodkar, Executive Director, Country Business Group Leader – Safety & Industrial Business Group at 3M India, said, “We need to acknowledge and meet the demand of upgraded formulations for paint refurbishing and car repair in India. With 3M Ceramic Coating, car owners now have the option to choose a product that guarantees advanced paint gloss and shine.”

Highlighting the research aspect, Amlendukumar Singh, Manager AAD, 3M India said, “3M’s ceramic coating is yet another innovation that we are extremely proud to present in India. The formulation has been perfected to last up to five years. It’s engineered in a way so that one formula can be used on paint, plastic trim, wheels and glass.”

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