Wagr Launches AI Chatbot ‘Toto’ to Revolutionise Pet Care Guidance in India

Wagr has introduced ‘Toto,’ AI-powered petcare chatbot, designed to revolutionise pet care guidance in India. With a unique proposition of providing 24/7 AI-guided support, Toto has already aided over 3,000 pet parents and aims to reach ten lakh pet parents within the year.

Indian pet parents conduct approximately 5 Crore pet-related Google searches each month, highlighting the demand for accurate information in pet care. Utilising advanced algorithms, vector embedding on GPT-4, and machine learning, Wagr’s AI chatbot Toto offers round-the-clock advice. Toto combines individual pet details, health records, and the latest information on pet health to provide free guidance on various topics such as pet nutrition and behaviour. The Wagr app serves as a comprehensive platform, offering real-time AI chatbot support, prompt veterinary consultations, quick home delivery of pet care products, engaging content, and digital pet health records.

Toto’s 24/7 support covers a wide range of queries related to nutrition, vaccinations, behaviour, training, health, and general care. Nutrition, health, and grooming are the most common topics, with cat parents being twice as likely to seek advice compared to dog parents. Toto supports communication in Hindi, and two-thirds of users are from tier 1 cities. By eliminating guesswork and doubts, Toto enhances the pet parenting experience. Users can personalise tips and recommendations by adding their pet’s details and health records to the Wagr app.

Sahil Naidu, Director at Cyberends Global Technologies in Hyderabad, a satisfied customer of Wagr shared his experience with Toto, “During my cat’s pregnancy, I had many questions. Toto became my go-to. It guided me from understanding the gestation period to setting up a nesting area. The advice felt personalised, addressing the specific needs of my cat. It was like having a personal pet expert on-call, making the process much more manageable and less stressful.”

Co-founders Advaith Mohan and Siddharth Darbha emphasise that Toto is more than just a chatbot, “Toto isn’t just a chatbot. It’s a comprehensive tool with personalised advice and a gateway to vet assistance and pet supplies. We believe every pet parent is better when they have Toto alongside them. Our vision goes beyond simply transferring a website into an app; we’re tailoring the Wagr app to deliver a unique, personalised experience unparalleled anywhere in the world.”

Dr. Champak Naik, a veterinarian at Precise Pet Clinic in Bangalore, and an advisor to Wagr highlights the impact of Toto: “Toto offers real-time, personalised advice and improves pet health by answering questions pet parents often don’t know who to ask. It is customised to respond to non-medical questions and refers users to veterinarians for any medical inquiries. Toto has the potential to revolutionise pet care in India.”

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