Birlasoft Collaborates with Microsoft to Establish Generative AI Centre of Excellence

Birlasoft Ltd, part of the USD 2.9 billion diversified C.K. Birla Group has established a Generative AI Centre of Excellence, in collaboration with Microsoft. This strategic initiative aims to accelerate value creation and foster innovation in the adoption of Generative AI, to deliver cutting-edge enterprise solutions across industries.

The Generative AI Centre of Excellence brings together the combined strengths of Birlasoft’s deep industry expertise and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. It will serve as a hub for Birlasoft and Microsoft experts to facilitate research, training, and collaboration. Through this collective ecosystem, organizations will be empowered to unlock the full potential of Generative AI, enabling them to develop tailored solutions to address complex business challenges. 

The continual advancements in Generative AI are opening up endless possibilities for various industries. Birlasoft will focus on key use cases across different verticals.

  • For Manufacturing sector, the Company will use Azure OpenAI Service capabilities for product design, process optimization, quality and defect detection, as well as predictive maintenance and digital twins.
  • In the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical domain, Birlasoft will utilize generative AI solutions for drug discovery, design, and data augmentation.
  • For Energy and Utilities sector, the company aims to enhance field service engagements leveraging Generative AI.
  • In the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance domain, focus areas for Generative AI include automated claims handling, summarizing financial reporting, and improving search capabilities.

Roop Singh, CEO Americas, Birlasoft said, “Our long-standing relationship with Microsoft has enabled enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey. With the Generative AI Centre of Excellence, we will raise the bar further to deliver enterprise solutions and services. I’m excited and hopeful that together, we will deliver innovative solutions that empower organizations to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape.”

Jim Lee, VP, Americas Global Partner Solutions and Sales, Microsoft said, “We are pleased to see Birlasoft embrace this new technology and establish a Generative AI Center of Excellence. By using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service’s models and Azure’s scalability, our shared customers will be able to unlock new possibilities and drive greater outcomes.”

Through this collaboration, Birlasoft will train 500 consultants on generative AI technologies, principles, and best practices. Additionally, they will work together on building over 50 use cases, focusing on value creation across the various verticals and sub-verticals served by Birlasoft. This partnership represents a significant step towards delivering innovative solutions and propelling organizations towards success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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