Zoho launches Zoho Expense

Bangalore, India, May 13, 2015: Zoho has unveiled Zoho Expense, the expense reporting software that automates business and travel expense management. Available immediately in web and mobile versions, Zoho Expense takes the hassles out of expense report management for sales reps, employees, managers and finance departments. Zoho Expense also works with the company’s online accounting and customer relationship management applications – Zoho Books and Zoho CRM – to unify customers’ front office and back office operations. Users can try a 14-day, free trial account of Zoho Expense at https://www.zoho.com/expense/.

Expense highlights include:

  • Automated expense recording – Users simply scan and upload their receipts using Zoho Expense, and the corresponding expenses are automatically created – no manual data entry required.
  • Import credit card statements – Users who regularly use credit cards for business spending can integrate their banks in Zoho Expense and import their statements. Importing credit card statements lets users instantly convert selected transactions into expenses and avoid data entry.
  • Faster approvals and reimbursements – Zoho Expense automatically notifies managers of expense report submissions. It also raises alerts for violations of company expense policies configured in Zoho Expense, so managers don’t have to analyze each expense.
  • Pre-integrated with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM – With the Zoho Books integration, expenses approved in Zoho Expense are automatically transferred and recorded in Zoho Books. With Zoho CRM integration, Zoho CRM users can be imported into Zoho Expense. Going forward, users will be able to create Zoho Expense entries directly from the Zoho CRM interface.
  • Expense management on the go – For traveling employees, Zoho Expense is available now for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. The app uses the device’s built-in GPS to let users track mileage when on the move, avoiding manual data entry. Users can also submit expense reports to managers while working remotely.

Google Apps integration – Zoho Expense works with Google for Work to simplify expense reporting at companies that use Google’s application suite. Google users can find Zoho Expense on Google Apps Marketplace.

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