Truecaller community soars past the 100 million user mark in India

New Delhi, India, October 9, 2015: Truecaller has announced that the community of users in India soars past the 100 million mark.

Kari Krishnamurthy, Vice President Growth and Partnerships in Asia and Country Manager for India said, “It’s heartening to see the enormous and enthusiastic support of our users, which has helped us to reach the 100 million mark in India today. This underscores the value and benefits the app offers to our users. Truecaller has solved the most basic but inherent problem for millions of users and as we move forward our aim is to take this experience to every corner of the country.”

Solving a Major Pain Point

From the very beginning, Truecaller has focused on solving a global problem that smartphone users face daily when looking for better ways to identify, manage and connect with people. Over the years, Truecaller has witnessed extraordinary organic growth owing to its innovative, and consistent efforts towards creating a better communication experience across all operating systems keeping in mind the needs and wants of a dedicated community of users. This led to the addition of the Truedialer and Truemessenger products to the family of apps designed to change the way people communicate daily.

Truecaller has developed groundbreaking strategic partnerships to increase touch points with consumers, including Microsoft, Tata DoCoMo, Micromax, Twitter, to name a few. The company plans to continue to develop these partnerships and interact with the ecosystem, and looks forward to future announcements bringing the Truecaller family of applications to users’ phones.

Truecaller: The Brand

With a strong responsiveness to feedback and focus on bringing the best version of their products to all platforms, and remaining widely available has always been integrated into Truecaller’s vision from the beginning.

Truecaller CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi adds, “India has always been one of the most important markets for Truecaller and we are ecstatic at having achieved this milestone. Through our consumer centric strategy based on relevant innovations, we aim to simplify our users’ lives each day.”

Over the past year, Truecaller has been focusing on tier II and III markets in India to get the users to explore the world of Truecaller to give them a smarter communication experience. Recently, the company launched its first ever event brand campaign, focusing on India onboarding actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui to tell his story around the theme ‘Take the Right Call’ sharing the story of the humble beginning of Siddiqui. The campaign has received a huge following, further enhancing Truecaller’s connection with their dedicated community of users in India.

The Truecaller app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry,  Nokia feature phones, Tizen, and Firefox. Additionally, the free Truedialer app is available on Android and Windows Phone. Truemessenger is available for free on Android, and is complementary to the Truecaller and Truedialer apps.

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