Toost: An App to find trusted local businesses through friends

Toost-mobile-applicationNew Delhi, India, May 28, 2015: Toost, a mobile application that provides assistance in finding trusted local service providers used by your friends, is here to address your needs for a carpenter, doctor, electrician or a driver – just to name a few. The app is driven by friends’ recommendations based on their personal experiences and level of connection with the business. It is the digital equivalent of word of mouth that everyone relies on but powered by the phone graph and user community’s contributions. At present, the app has over five million businesses and over 750m unique people and business identities on the graph.

Rohit Raghav, Co-founder of Toost, commented, “Local business search is treated as a utility service where providing name, number and address of the business is considered adequate. However, the highly unorganized and no-quality-control market leaves people high and dry with painfully bad service quality. This is an absolute no for today’s busy and mobile consumer. Toost deploys globally unique phone-graph based technology innovation to transform local search into social & mobile search. It gets users the businesses that their friends use and trust and also helps them engage with their friends in choosing the right service provider. Toost’s powerful and proprietary technology is set to end the rudimentary ways local search is done today.” 

The app has already clocked over 1.2 million installs with a daily install rate of around 10,000 and is getting strong engagement from the users Some of the key features of the application are:

  • Local business and people search
  • Business ratings and reviews allowing users to claim control over service experience
  • Social features like Activity Feeds, Ask a Friend, Shared Connections, Invite Friends, and Get Friends’ Recommendations
  • Caller ID & call blocking to identify and block spamming businesses
  • Business and people profiles that provide rich information for decision making

A practical and beneficial option for mobile users, it assures reliability as the decisions are based on trust and word of mouth instead of depending on the information from archaic local search market. It eliminates stress, saves time, and allows user to control the service quality, thereby enhancing the service experience manifold. Being driven by technology and not relying on feet-on-street models, Toost is a globally relevant, scalable, repeatable, and flexible business model. It is uniquely positioned to serve the ever shifting consumer needs with fresh and rich data delivered in real time.

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