Remedinet Technologies Launches App on Windows 8.1 platform for Cashless Settlement of Health Insurance Claims

New Delhi, India, May 7, 2015: Remedinet Technologies, India’s first end-to-end electronic cashless claims exchange for health insurance, has launched two mobile apps on Windows 8.1 and Android platforms with Microsoft Visual Studio, for making information on the status of cashless health insurances claims easily available to patients and hospitals. Insurance desks and resources working out of hospitals can download Remedinet – Hospital mobile app to access information regarding claims adjudication while patients can download Remedinet – Consumer app to check the status of their claims.

The app is available for Windows and Android based mobile devices such as tabs and smartphones. The iOS version of the apps is expected to be available soon.

Munish Daga, CEO, Remedinet Technologies said: “Today, information is accessible at the fingertips, and we are trying to play our small role by enabling both hospitals and patients to monitor the status of their cashless claims on handheld devices. The aim of this launch is to make the entire cashless claims process as fast, fluid, and efficient as possible. Without a solid technology backbone, achieving efficient and transparent transactions is next to impossible. Microsoft’s solutions and the Windows 8.1 platform have enabled us to build these future-ready apps, and this makes the process of claim settlement easier and more consumer-friendly.”

Vineet Durani, Director – Windows Business Group at Microsoft India says “There is a huge need to leverage technology optimally to support the healthcare ecosystem in India, and the launch of these apps on Windows 8.1 platform is our contribution to this cause. We are glad to be associated with Remedinet Technologies, as this association reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to developing technology that revolves around people and helps transform lives.”

Remedinet – Hospital app

Authorized people from the hospital with valid user ID on the Remedinet platform will be able to log in anytime from anywhere and check the status of their claim. This will eliminate any need to be at the desk all the time. Hospitals housed in large complexes with multiple buildings will benefit tremendously from this app as the hospital staff will now be able to access the progress of the claims through their mobile phone – from any building, wing or department, any time. They can access the entire history of the claim on the app simply by entering either the name of the patient or the reference number of the claim.

Remedinet – Consumer app

This app gives power to the patients and their family to access the latest status of their cashless health insurance claim at kiosks installed in hospitals. The application is easy to navigate and information can be accessed by entering either the name of the patient or the reference number of the claim. The system does not require the customer to approach the customer service department or the claims office and wait in a queue to seek information. Using this convenient option, consumers can obtain information on their handheld devices as well as enjoy the freedom of access – anytime and from anywhere.

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