Nurturey launches online platform that offers digital ‘productivity tools’ for parents

Nurturey-LogoNew Delhi, India, December 12 2014: Nurturey (, a UK based company, has launched its online platform that offers digital ‘productivity tools’ for parents, to help simplify life around their kids.

As the one-stop companion for parents, Nurturey’s range of productivity tools empowers parents to manage information, resources, activities, memories – basically their lives around kids – in one place.Parents can activate tools as per their ever-changing and multi-dimensional needs throughout their parental journey.

Nurturey is absolutely free for parents to sign up. Its target segment is the parents of kids in 0-10 age group and parents who have conceived; however, in early stages,Nurturey’s target is parents with kids in 0-5 age group.

Speaking on the launch, Tushar Srivastava, CEO of Nurturey says, “Nurturey is the one-stop companion for parents, offering various productivity tools designed to simplify parents’ lives around kids, eliminating chaos and anxiety. Our vision is to be the go-to digital productivity tools platform for new and young Parents, globally. We have a built a platform worthy of parents’ trust and a business that is sustainable.”

Nurturey has been crafted to deliver simple, intuitive and visually appealing user experience. Vatsal Goel, COO of Nurturey, says, “We have no hesitation in asserting that we are building the coolest and easiest to use digital tools platform for parents. Each one of our tools has its own soul”.

In an increasingly digitized world, while there are a few ‘go-to’ platforms for parenting related content, it is astonishing that before Nurturey there were no sophisticated and cool ‘digital tools’ offerings for parents.

Visit to sign up for free.

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