Now bid at auctions using reward points on Unlockar

Unlockar-launches-uScreen-for-android-usersNew Delhi, India, June 26, 2014: After a successful launch of their maiden app, Unlockar, a start-up focused on improving its users lock screen experience and in turn making it more rewarding; has introduced an array of exciting and novel features, which are aimed at taking user engagement to never before heights. With over 9000+ users already, the app has successfully delivered more than 2 million impressions on its users’ lock screens.

Pulkit Ahuja, Director, Technology and Operations at Unlockar said, “The response to our beta launch was better than we expected. Users are excited by the prospects of using an app that provides social – local updates, entertains and gamifies their everyday experience of using their phones. The rewards are proving to be an added advantage. Our initial trial run of the auctions feature has been an instant hit among our users – they are loving the concept of bidding at auctions that are held every day using reward points collected by them throughout the day.” 

The most recent version of the app has seen some significant improvements in terms of performance measures that have been implemented to reduce RAM and Data Consumption. A Socialize section has also been added in the Settings menu to make Unlockar’s Social Media Page interaction easier for its users. Consequently, a new functionality has been added for users to check their last cashout details and status, thereby ensuring that the users are always updated real time.

The release of the apps’ latest version saw a simultaneous up-gradation of the Unlockar website (, wherein the reward portal of the site, uShop was upgraded to support deal filtration based on location, industry and price. This was accompanied with the launch of the Channels Page, through which users can have a sneak peak of the content attributed to various lock screen channels, thereby allowing the users to have a more accurate understanding of which channels the users would like to subscribe for their lock screen.

The auction module on the website has been completely revamped, changing the auction dynamics to a rolling auction instead of the earlier time based auction. Now all the participants in a given auction would have a chance to outbid the last highest bidder, with a 30 second no bid period required between the last bid received and the auction end time to ensure the auction has ended, hence replicating the real life auction behavior in its most accurate form.

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