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LenDen-AppBangalore, India, April 20, 2015: A new App on the horizon, which is your neighborhood friendly marketplace, was founded with an intention to change the way how people exchange, sell & donate items locally. It is an app that helps locate the seller on the map, connect through a chat window and strike the deal.

The USP is that they are the only ones who provide exchange, sell & donate on the same platform. No other players provide such a facility in a single app, it helps to find / search items locally and help the user to exchange/sell. One can find a lot of unauthentic data in the present marketplaces, but Lenden is trying to implement methods such that only authentic and latest data of the neighborhood is present on the mobile-app. Since LenDen is a neighbourhood app one can reduce the search radius to as low as 5 miles and locate items nearby thus saving both time and money involved in logistics (range can be increased up-to 50 miles). With great user friendly features & with simple user interface, donating items can also be done easily with this app thus helping a person in need by connecting the Donor & the needy on a single platform. Lenden is indeed a boon for all the locals.

For a rapidly emerging market for new as well as second hand goods online trading has become a need of the hour in the modern times. It makes a lot of sense as the deal happens faster & quicker with the help of a chat, plus the consumer gets to compare from the list of goods in various unique and best selling categories provided on the app, a person strikes a deal & gets it at a reasonable rate as compared to the market rate. It does help in saving a great amount of money & is done with a great comfort level thus saving a lot of time; ultimately the consumer gets a thing of his choice & style which really matters a lot now a days.

In LenDen App, seller has to enter authentic information about their product, upload HD images, quote the price and post it, with the help of this mobile app, it helps to locate the seller on the map in your nearby areas, connect with them through a chat window and finally strike the deal.

A thought in mind to do something different, they wanted to be entrepreneurs rather than be employed, a beginning of a new dawn. With the intention to provide everyone an easy way to list their items online so as a team they came together & LenDen the brain child of Unni, Rohit , Raju was born.

The idea to launch something new came due to the situation in the market globally; on researching the team came to know that the “Used Goods” industry was able to capitalize on the recession. Rising unemployment rates led to decreasing per capita disposable income levels, forcing consumers to cut their discretionary spending. As a result, many consumers who customarily shopped at department stores turned to industry establishments to purchase inexpensive used goods instead of new merchandise.

The report also showed the second-hand market which has been growing in India for over the past few years due to various economic & fiscal reasons also there was a huge floating population, which could be tapped by introducing a new online service to capitalize on them too.

Though based in USA, LenDen is focusing in India as India is a replica of the globalized world as its multi linguistic, multi-cultural and with people of diverse ethnicity & its second-hand market has a huge potential and is still not fully tapped.

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