InstaLively launched android mobile Live Streaming App

Bangalore, India, May 4 2015: InstaLively, a platform which lets you stream HD video directly from your phone to You Tube launched its android app on 1st May, 2015.InstaLively is the first end-to-end Live Streaming solution, now available both on Mobile and the Desktop. Live Streaming now, is as simple as swiping up on your phone screen.

InstaLively broadcasts videos to the cloud server in just a single click. It allows users to share their moments with viewers around the world with just a single touch. Moreover,the application lets you stream video even on low bandwidth networks (2G and 3G supported).

With InstaLively professional broadcasting becomes simpler. The application has an easy to use interface which lets users stream immediately without any hassle. These  live streams are stored as valuable archives and can be viewed and savored on a later date. These streams can also be paused or re-winded due to the applications integration with You Tube Sync.

The main USP of InstaLively is that it integrates seamlessly into one’s Youtube Channel and allows you to start streaming anywhere you want with just a single touch. The stream can be shared on Facebook Twitter and Whatsapp with the creator’s friends so that everyone is able to join in the moment.

Speaking about the launch, Karthik Vaidyanath, Co-founder of Instalively, said, “We aim at Digitizing the country and Instalively is our first step towards that. We plan to build digital auditoriums through our platform which help the content creators to reach out to a bigger audience globally. Our application will help users exchange memories and special moments easily and will change the way people use social media forever.”

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