IndiaProperty launches new mobile first Property search paradigm ‘Discover’

New Delhi, India, June 02, 2015: The world is going mobile and so is Property search. IndiaProperty has been at the forefront of enabling mobile as a tool for property search with innovations like Visual search using Augmented Reality, 3DPanoX etc. These innovations have driven rapid scaling in mobile app & web usage which is now almost at par with desktop. IndiaProperty today has taken property search a significant step ahead by unveiling a revolutionary mobile-first Property search experience – ‘Discover’!

A property seeker has a multitude of questions in their mind and not many clear answers. Discover makes this process of finding the answers and making a choice easy by ‘automagically’ bringing the answers directly to the user.

Talking about the newly launched product Muralikrishnan B, COO of IndiaProperty said “Property search is not just about seeing a list of Properties, but finding the answers to a multitude of questions that culminate in the final decision. With Discover, we have a mobile first solution that provides all the relevant information that the user wants to help him/her in their Home Buying journey smartly presented in the Feed. We believe this would set new benchmarks in the Home search experience – not just in India, but also globally.” 

Discover’s proprietary machine learning engine maps user behavior patterns and intelligently recommends various snippets of content that are relevant to the user. The Discover engine understands the user’s context, what the user is looking for and presents the information / content on the Discover feed as Cards and is regularly refreshed with new information. The information in the feed includes news articles, market reports, localities of interest, price trends, event information, tip of the day, word of the day and of course properties matching the users interest along with regular project status updates. The product is currently available on the Android, iOS app platforms and also Mobile Web.

The advantage Discover brings to a user is easy access to relevant information which is readily accessible in the Discover feed and over time making traditional search less important.

Innovating on the Mobile to drive category expansion and deeper user engagement is a key theme in’s strategy. Towards this, IndiaProperty has many more exciting mobile first innovations lined up that would further redefine property search. Some of the projects in the pipeline include – an Intelligent Virtual Assistant which would change the way people do Property Site Visits, Augmented Reality Visualisation of under construction projects, a mobile first CRM Solution for Property Agents etc.

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