i-exceed launches Appzillion version 3.1

Bangalore, India, August 4, 2015: i-exceed, an IT products and services company, announced the release of Appzillon 3.1, the latest version of their flagship unified app development suite. The new version brings about significant enhancements in the user experience (UX), cross-channel, security, and productivity capabilities of the suite.

Appzillon is a feature rich, agile, and flexible cross-platform suite that enables customers to jump start their mobility initiatives. It provides a comprehensive end-to-end development and management environment for apps that can be accessed from smartphones, feature phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The latest version provides a class leading ability to use the same middleware solution across diverse channels such as web, mobile, J2ME, USSD, SMS, etc., and helps firms reduce the time and cost required for the development and deployment of their apps to the market.  On the user experience front, the suite now supports multi-modal interactions, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and an enhanced style editor. Security features of the product have also been greatly enhanced with the ability to generate static analyser reports, enforce geo-fencing, perform biometric authentication, and automatically apply additional layers of encryption for sensitive data.

S.Sundararajan, Director of i-exceed Technology Solutions commented, “Appzillon’s strength lies in its capability to automatically generate fully functional omni channel apps from enterprise services. With Appzillon 3.1, IT teams can now create a single repository of test cases and automatically execute them across different platforms. The admin module of the platform has also been revamped to capture granular information that provide deep insights into app analytics. Appzillon can now measure and manage network traffic by identifying app functions that demand high usage.”

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