Hike unveils its new workplace

New Delhi, India, February 10, 2016: Hike Messenger has unveiled its new headquarters (HQ). Located between Delhi and Gurgaon, in close proximity to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport, and capturing magnificent views of it, the office redefines the conventional notions of what new age workplaces should feel like.

Conceptualized as a Temple of Excellence and ‘more than just an office’ by the Founder and CEO, Kavin Bharti Mittal, who set the vision and led a small cross-functional team of Hike employees — designers, engineers and key workplace personnel to design the space — the new workplace is envisaged in the same youthful spirit of the social platform that drives the very nature of what it has set out to do. With a conscious attempt to minimise the branding colours in the space in order to retain the ‘ever evolving culture and brand’, the entire workspace has been designed around Hike’s Core Values or ‘Code XI’ as the company calls it. The office is on the 4th floor of Worldmark 1 in Aerocity, is spread over a gross leasable area of 59,584 square feet, with a carpet area of over 35,000 square feet, and is planned to seat comfortably over 400 people.

Motivated by the energetic Code XI, and a culture of live, work and play, one can sit on hammocks overlooking a beautiful view of Aerocity, a fantastic gym to stay fit, a meditation room for peace and quiet, all the way to quirky rooms with themes, such as those inspired by some of the world’s best sci-fi movies. There are no cubicles and no designated offices. Everyone, including the leadership team, sits in open space organized by sections such that small cross-functional teams of 6-10 people sit together.

Technology at Hike

  • Envoy smart visitor registration – as soon as a visitor registers on an iPad, a notification is sent to the host on his/her devices.
  • Telepresence robots by Double that can be operated from anywhere in the world for face-to-face video calls. The robot can be driven anywhere in the office.
  • Estimote beacons with app Robin detects the person entering a Hike conference room and automatically books it for him/her.
  • Google Chromebox with displays are installed in meeting rooms; one can get connected on video calls through hangouts by just entering the hangout name.
  • Barco Wireless display for LEDs. They are laptop and port agnostic.
  • Automation in Board Room by a single iPad is used to operate multiple functions like video conferences, presentations on LED or projector, teleconference, Chromebox for hangouts, all through a single tap on screen.
  • A huge video wall that is a combination of multiple LEDs — 42 inches each — is installed for getting connected with other regional office.
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