Good Health and Medical Second opinions now within a tap on your phones

Medical-Second-OpinionsNew Delhi, India, November 24, 2014: Medical Second Opinion, a healthcare and wellness platform, has launched its new mobile health application to provide an integrated healthcare solution to patients and customers.

The health and fitness App by Medical Second Opinion which has been designed by Manusis Technologies, provides a comprehensive platform through which patients can consult, track and manage their symptoms with their healthcare provider and doctors on the go, or from home using any smartphone, or computer. The functionality and ease of use will allow patients and users to better understand and manage their health, and prevent any kind of illness. Through the health-app, Medical Second Opinion empowers patients to not only manage their health but also their healthcare costs.

Medical Second Opinion has focused on creating a meaningful medical and health solutions for its patients and service users.The Application has various functions like taking second opinion, maintaining health records, Health tools to gauge one’s health, a Health Directory, Symptom Tracker and health quiz.

Features –

  • By logging in to seek a second opinion on their medical consultations, the user is directly in touch with the largest pool of the most followed doctors in the country.
  • The user can store multiple Health Records by simply taking a picture of the hard copies and storing them in the confidential cloud space given to each account holder of the application.
  • The Health Tools are simple interactive tools to try at home that allow anyone to calculate their basic body conditions and derive health results to key facts about your body indicating the health level.
  • A Health Directory is an all-encompassing comprehensive list of diseases with conditions, symptoms, cures and treatment. Click from A-Z to check your symptoms online.
  • A Symptom Tracker, where patients can choose from any part of the body and describe their Symptoms to check on relevant possible conditions. This link is currently under work, hence inactive.
  • A Health quiz to keep the user entertained and aware at the same time about body and medical conditions.

The mobile health app empowers patients and its users to take a more active initiative in their healthcare decisions, providing easy access to personal health information and gives a new way to communicate with doctors and health care providers on their own schedule. They can also eliminate the frustration of wait time on visiting a doctor. The Application is a dynamic tool that provides a platform for direct secure communications with doctors and healthcare providers, health education, and easy, convenient activities to manage one’s health.

Medical second opinion app is available in both iOS and android versions and supports both tablet and smartphone form factors.

Sachin Chaudhary, Founder and CEO of Medical Second Opinion, Said, “With the changing times, the Healthcare Industry has revolutionized remarkably.And thus, there is a growing recognition of mobile health’s potential to transform healthcare – to advance doctor/patient engagement and empower consumers to better monitor and manage their own health. We are excited about the launch of this application that leverages technology to engage patients and its users and improve the quality of healthcare and dramatically reduce their health costs.”

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