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All we know that how social-commerce marketplace is changing our life. It is too easy to purchase our favorite products from social-commerce marketplace. There are many online marketplace across the globe. We have also discussed some social-commerce marketplace on our portal. Today, I am sharing my views on one of the growing social-commerce marketplace “ezebee.com”. It is a free online marketplace.


ezebee.com user interface is like Pinterest. Here users can discover millions of offers from more than 120,000 vendors around the world and buy through its Chat & Buy system. It has good tag lines- “Search. Buy. Love” and “Chat.Share.Pay”. There are some cool features inside ezebee.com.


Search for what you love: Search for the offers you want in ezebee.com marketplace. There are so many good things to buy: Products, services, rentals, courses, events and much more.

Contact the owner: Register and contact the owner with ezebee.com marketplace’s Chat & Buy system. Users can ask any questions (payment and shipping options for example). Users can also pay directly for free through ezebee.com marketplace’s integrated e-wallet.

Companies and brands: If you have any small business, you can share your offers in ezebee.com marketplace’s international community and get increased traffic and sales.



Individuals: If any user don’t own a business but want to sell second hand items. He can easily publish his offers directly from his profile and get his items seen by everyone across the globe.

Products: Users can sell all kinds of products on ezebee.com.

Sell on your profile: Users can register with their Facebook account or email-id and create their profile very easily. If any user doesn’t want to open a page, he can sell as an individual, directly on his profile, like a classified ad. It’s free.


Final Words: ezebee.com is a free online marketplace. Here anybody can be entrepreneur and sell their products to buyers easily. Users can sell furniture to artwork and anything else they want to sell. Best thing for buyers, they can chat with suppliers and try to negotiate with them. It is also an international online marketplace with brand new mobile first platform, where anyone in the world can open a free shop on ezebee.com and start selling. Here, You can also buy products from all over the world, search for anything you like and also create free online shop.

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