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nexGTv-LogoIndia has millions of mobile users with access to Internet on their devices. A recent report showed that use of video apps on mobiles were more popular in smaller towns. The report also revealed that mobile entertainment was the most popular segment of MVAS and service providers in this area had key opportunities to explore the rising demand for regional and localized content, breaking news and entertainment.

It has been observed that the ecosystem for mobile TV viewing has become stronger, driving a sharp rise in downloads of mobile TV apps and touching millions of subscribers. Today plenty of people want to watch live shows or breaking news on their smartphones.

As the use of smartphones has increased in India, real-time streaming of television shows on phone has gained its ground prominently. Mobile is increasingly becoming the preferred viewing platform for Indian consumers.

Today I will talk about one of the best mobile TV apps, nexGTv. nexGTv is like a TV button on your mobile phone. It offers its consumers unlimited and compelling entertainment across multiple devices (mobile, tablets or laptop/PCs). Choice includes an unrivalled suite of 140+ Live TV channels aside from a huge content library comprising movies, TV shows and videos for every mood. However, data charges are applicable as per the data plan opted by users. It runs seamlessly across 2G/EDGE/3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks.



User can opt for different types of subscription packages as per their need. The subscription will be activated once the payment is successfully completed.


Users can also manage channels with the following steps:

  1. Touch on gear icon.
  2. Touch on Manage Channels tab.
  3. Here, you can check or uncheck the box.


As more and more people are using smartphones and tablets in India, they are adding mobile screen to their TV viewing habits. With nexGTv apps offering me a wide choice of TV channels and personalized content, I prefer to watch T.V serials, cricket matches and funny videos on my smartphone.

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