ApartmentADDA Gatekeeper App to Make the Movement Tracking Swifter and Easier

Director-of-ApartmentADDA-Sangeeta-BanerjeeMumbai, India,  March 31, 2015: Each time a visitor enters a society, the guard in all his attentiveness scans them and makes them sign a register. Yet the rates of mishaps are higher in metros like ours. Reason? No one really bothers to check the registers once the entry has been made. In case if one wants to cross check, then the registers are pulled out from the heap of files stacked somewhere in the corner of the society office and thus, the delay in processes of finding out about the culprits. When everything around us has advanced so much especially in the field of technology, why not equip our security guard with a quick to access and a user friendly tool to monitor and manage the entire society’s security issues?

In line with the thought above, Sangeeta Banerjee, Co-Founder of ApartmentADDA, worked towards developing an app that would enable the security guards to function in an advanced and a swifter manner. ADDA Gatekeeper App allows the user to shift the process of offline visitor tracking to online. The app is available free to download and runs on Android OS platform. The best part about this app is that it can also work off-line – that is – without constant internet connection.

Visitor’s name, contact number, car number along with special note can be captured. Whenever the Tab is connected to the internet, with just one click the whole day data is synchronized to the registered ADDA and it can also be saved in excel format for future reference. Staff working within the Apartment Complex can be tracked with this App. Anyone entering or leaving the complex (staff or visitors) can be tracked.

On the occasion of the launch, Sangeeta Banerjee said, “ApartmentADDA had studied the growing demand of creating a swifter way of tracking the movements in the society, especially in the wake of converting our cities into smart cities. Security has always been the primary concern in apartment complex so we have kept this feature absolutely free, you just have to register your housing society on ApartmentADDA.com and avail free basic communication package, this account can be then used to create a login & password for ADDA Gatekeeper app.”

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