Vodafone mobile internet customer of Rajasthan will get to download and use the Vodafone Music App for free

Jaipur, India, July 30, 2015: Vodafone India has introduced an offer for all residents of Rajasthan subscribing to a Vodafone Mobile Internet pack between 15 July to 15th September 2015 every pre-paid and post-paid Vodafone mobile internet customer will get to download and use the Vodafone Music App for free.

The Vodafone Music App offers a choice of over 16 lakh songs across multiple genres like Bollywood, International, Religion, plus Music from 16 different languages/states, including Rajasthani. The free Vodafone Music offer gives access to unlimited listening and downloading of songs through the Vodafone Music App, for one month from the date of purchase of the Vodafone Mobile Internet pack.

Announcing an offer that sounds like music to the ears of Rajasthan residents, Amit Bedi, Business Head- Rajasthan, Vodafone India, said “For the residents of a state that’s known to be one of India’s most culturally rich and vibrant, music is a huge passion and binding factor. The spiralling rate of smartphone usage has also lead to music streaming Apps becoming a rage for mobile phone users. A recent FICCI- KPMG survey indicates that most Indians have music in some form or the other on their phones and mobile music adoption in India has risen 47 percent. Vodafone is ever attuned with customer interests and needs and I am happy to announce that we are offering the Vodafone Music App absolutely free with all Vodafone Mobile Internet subscriptions. So go for a Vodafone Internet pack of your choice and budget and enjoy one month of unlimited Music for free, with Vodafone Music App”.

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