Shifting to a new city and have ‘No Idea?’ Then, ‘Get Idea’!

New Delhi, India, August 14, 2015: Changing one’s mobile connection; finding the network which has coverage everywhere in the country; hassle-free management of multiple connections and bills – are some of the challenges faced by Indians migrating to different cities in a hope of better living, career, and lifestyle. For those who have ‘No Idea’ on how to deal with these issues, can simply ‘Get Idea’, suggests the new Idea campaign at a time when National Mobile Number Portability (NMNP) service has been launched in the country.

One of the new Idea ads on television shows a young man reaching Kochi from Kolkata and soon after landing at the railway station realizes that his phone has no connection. His quest for getting the best network is answered immediately by the locals who suggest, he ‘Get Idea’. The people are then seen swaying to the ‘No Idea, Get Idea’ tune at the platform.

In another scenario, a young career oriented girl is shown to be shifting base to Delhi from Alwar after landing her dream job. While she is all enthused about making it big in her career, she is faced with the hassle of dealing with multiple bills for her phone, tab and other devices. She has ‘No Idea’ how to get rid of this chore of managing multiple bills, and that’s when her colleagues in the new office suggest her to ‘Get Idea’. The thrill of overcoming this problem gets them all dancing to the catchy ‘No Idea, Get Idea’ tune.

Brand Idea has been the top choice of mobile users opting to switch network, ever since the MNP service was introduced in 2011 at intra-circle level. Idea has recorded the highest Net Gain in the industry, with over 14 million subscribers added to the network. Brand Idea’s ‘No Idea, Get Idea’ campaign was one of the major drivers for its MNP leadership, and the brand has once again used this popular tagline, albeit in a fresh avatar with a catchy tune, to promote the NMNP Services.

Elaborating on the new campaign, Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular said, “Brand Idea has always believed in enriching lives of people through fresh, innovative, yet simple ideas to solve their daily problems. The brand’s ability to stay relevant has enabled Idea to become an endearing brand for consumers across all categories and the MNP leadership is a testimony for this attribute. The concept behind this ‘No Idea, Get Idea’ campaign is to help mobile phone users get access to superior service when they switch cities, at a time when NMNP is a reality. The new ads have the signature Idea feel of being youthful, with a catchy music, and conveying the message in a simple manner.” 

Under this new campaign, Idea has come up with a series of TVCs capturing unique situations that interestingly dovetail into a story and further ensures a solution in the form of Idea’s best-in-class network and customer service. Idea has introduced this new campaign under its award-winning campaign line – ‘No Idea, Get Idea’ – that continues to resonate with the core essence of the brand. In its earlier avatar, the campaign had won the ‘Best Brand Campaign Award’ at the World Communication Awards 2011. It had also won EFFIE Gold in the same year.

The new ads have been released on Television on 12th August 2015, in addition to Idea’s youtube channel – Idea NMNP Single Bill TVC and Idea NMNP Same Number TVC – and will be extensively amplified across TV, Radio, Digital and Social media during the next few weeks.

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