Micro Focus Announces Voltage SecureData Integration with Snowflake to Provide Secure Analytics with Data Privacy and Protection

Micro Focus announced that it has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to deliver data-centric protection to organizations worldwide. The integration of Micro Focus Voltage SecureData with Snowflake enables Voltage customers to seamlessly and securely shift workloads to Snowflake’s platform without the risk of compromising business-sensitive data, while adhering to privacy regulations. The integration also helps customers of Snowflake acquire secure data analytics capabilities offered by Voltage SecureData.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables customers to unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data with a near-zero management platform that delivers virtually unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. The Voltage SecureData integration, paired with Snowflake’s platform, enables a complete cloud-native solution for high scale secure cloud analytics. This powerful solution adds to Voltage SecureData’s deep capabilities in secure analytics across databases, data lakes and other siloed data.

Vikas Jain, Head of Snowflake Security Product Management, said, “We are excited to partner with Micro Focus to bring Voltage format-preserving encryption to the Snowflake customer community. Snowflake’s mission is to help organizations mobilize their data, and Micro Focus can help our customers on the journey to secure cloud analytics on Snowflake’s platform.”

Micro Focus Voltage SecureData mitigates the risk of data breach and enables regulatory compliance.

Customers can now protect sensitive data in Snowflake using NIST-standard format-preserving encryption, as well as format-preserving hash, stateless tokenization, and stateless key management, all of which enable data privacy compliance. Micro Focus Voltage SecureData provides all of these capabilities without impacting investments in analytics, data science, or business intelligence infrastructure.

Praveen Kulkarni, Country Manager, Security, Risk and Governance, Micro Focus, said, “As the downside of accelerated digital transformation, there has been a substantial increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks for organizations across sectors. The partnership with Snowflake enhances our customers, especially in public and BFSI sector to detect anomalous behaviour, and swiftly deploy the most relevant containment and mitigation measures. This association is a step towards fortifying our commitment to ensure regulatory compliance and secured analytics for our customers in India to survive and thrive in the digital-first world.”

John Delk, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Security, Micro Focus, said, “Our global customers deserve best-in-class data security across all major platforms on-premises and in the cloud. The partnership between Micro Focus and Snowflake extends our leadership in secure analytics and provides our customers with additional options in their journey to cyber resilience. We look forward to expanding our addressable markets and delighting customers with this new integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud.”

Voltage Secure Data helps organizations strengthen their cyber resilience by providing an end-to-end data-centric approach to enterprise data protection. The protection technologies in Voltage SecureData provide flexible implementation and data-centric protection for a virtually unlimited number of structured data types in any language, and any region, with proven performance, reliability, and scalability.

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