How To Share Your Professional Moments on LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with an active community of over 706M professionals worldwide professionals worldwide and over 69M members currently active on LinkedIn in India. The platform recently launched ‘Stories’ to make it easier for members to stay connected to their community, inform their audiences, and share professional moments.

In an increasingly digital working world, LinkedIn Stories are the virtual water coolers where members can share their personality and everyday professional moments with their community. The new feature allows members to publish photos and videos up to 20 seconds long, which will be visible on their profiles for 24 hours.

Here are some simple tips to help you create your LinkedIn Story: 

Spot LinkedIn Stories on your home page

On the top left, you will see an entry circle sign with a plus (+) sign, which takes you to the Stories camera. Tap the circle first (your profile picture). 

Capture real-time pictures and videos

In the centre bottom of the screen you’ll see the main button to capture real time pictures and videos (tap to take a picture and hold to record a video; release the button when the video is finished). With the let button you can add pictures and videos from your mobile gallery. Maximum video length is 20 seconds.

Add context with custom stickers and text

You can add inventive stickers and text to make your content shine and provide viewers with additional context. You can choose from customized, thematic stickers related to the working day.

Share your story with your network

Once you have finished your Story and you’re ready to share with followers and connections, simply tap in the right bottom “Share Story”.

Share multiple stories

If you want to create another Story, press the plus icon on the top left or bottom right corner once you go into your Story. 

Engage with your community and build connections

Once you post a Story, your connections and followers can view the content for 24 hours and you can receive messages from your first-degree connections. You can also share a Story via private message with your connections. Your messages from Stories will be integrated into your usual LinkedIn messages.

Understand what your audience wants

After publishing you will have access to analytics tools to measure who saw your Story. Note: Your LinkedIn Stories will be shared for 24 hours.

Choose who can view your stories

Finally, your LinkedIn Stories will only be available to your connections and followers with Stories access, and only they can watch and message you directly about your Stories.

Create compelling stories of everyday professional moments like these:

  • Things you do at work:A quick glimpse of work-life moments by sharing behind the scene work-life moments, return-to-work experiences, virtual events and causal team moments.
  • Things you do around work:Morning routines, fitness activities, personal moments, and quick work hacks to build deeper connections and stay productive.
  • Things relevant to your work: Spark meaningful conversations by sharing industry insights, job opportunities, global headlines

How to make the most of LinkedIn Stories

Here are some helpful guidelines to help you get the most out of LinkedIn Stories:

  • Post content grounded in relevant, professional context
  • Create content around constructive, educational opportunities
  • Include authentic representations of everyday professional moments
  • Post conversation starters for the latest professional news and topics

Before you hit Share:

  • Don’t be overly personal or post private moments
  • Don’t post inappropriate content that may jeopardise career prospects

Don’t post about opportunities to spam personal products or services

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